Body Shop Lip Butter

These is one of the lip balms that body shop has to offer. They come in several delicious flavours but I got the shea karite one as it sounds really mositerising with all the shea butter in it lol. Coming to the point, these smell like heaven! Well mine particularly smells like coconut or something exotic and thats not new from Body Shops skin care.

It basically a cream that you put on your lips and it turns out to give a very milky translucent finish to the lips, lightening and fading the color of your lips. So I am assuming this would be especially useful for those who want to tone down their very bright lipsticks. Another important thing about this is that its not as moisterising as other body shop products that I have tried before. Especially for lips I was expecting a miracle or something but this is purely meeh!

I have tried Blistex and Carmex before and have absolutely adored them and this does nothing compared to them. I guess this would be fine for those who already have healthy lips as this will provide decent moisture for them. However if you are like me and dont mind spending your spare cash on something that smells delicious and looks uber cute then go ahead!


Giorgio Armani Luminous Skin Foundation - a review

I got a generous sample for this foundation a while ago and have been trying it out at certain intervals to see how it works for me. I have always tried to deny that upmarket brands dont deliver much and are just a gimmick, but I have to admit this time I was proved wrong. Now I have started to believe that the more you invest in your makeup, the more fabulous a product you get lol.

So coming to the point, this is the full coverage foundation Giorgio Armani has to offer at present. The term full coverage is used so often these days that its hard to believe a foundation is actually full coverage, but trust me this baby is!

With this I first apply it all over my face including my dark circles and any acne scarring as it almost covers most of it very well. I then apply concealer to any places I feel needs more coverage. This is awesome as it saves time and is efficient when you need fewer products for your face routine. So if you are a sucker for full coverage products then this one is definitely worth a try!

Regarding the consistency of the foundation, its super light weight on the skin, blends very easily and sets to a semi matte finish imparting a luminous glow from within the skin :D It blends just so fine that you cannot see foundation on your face (unless its a wrong color that you're wearing) and it feels just like skin.

The best thing about this is how you can layer it up without looking cakey. So one coat will give you an amazing day time glow, whereas another layer will leave you looking drop dead gorgeous and ready to dazzle the night away with your flawless 'supermodel like' skin.

Also you dont need a zillion tools to apply this. Just slather it on with a sponge, your fingers or just a standard foundation brush and this will glide on like a dream.

Regarding the shades and all, the MA told me I was a 6 but I still opted for 5.5 as I like slightly fairer foundations as very similar ones seem to oxidise on my skin after a few hours. So if you are a Mac NC30-35ish, GA 5.5 to 6 will be somewhat your color! But even after drooling about it for so long,

I havent yet bought a full size of this product and its not because I find £30 for it pricey but just coz I already have my mineral foundation in stock. But I do plan to get this very soon, atleast to wear occasionally for that polished look.

On the whole, this is such a great product and can totally justify cheating on MAC hehe. Do give it a try ladies (or atleast a sample of it) when you're around a GA counter.