The Mint Chocolate Look

Products Used:

- Mac Paintpot in Painterly used as a base
- Mint green eyeshadow used from Beauty Uk Eyeshadow Palette as a overall lid color
- Lancome Color Focus eyeshadow in Couture Intense(matte brown) used in the crease and blended over
- Collection 2000 fast stroke liquid eyeliner used to line the eyes
- Matte Black eyeshadow lined over the eyeliner to give it an intense dark black look
- Finish off with mascara!

and you're good to go with your unusual mint chocolate eyes...:)


L'oreal Paris Elvive Re-Nutrition Range

This is the new hair range by L'oreal Paris and its called Re-nutrition. Its supposed to have the ingredient Royal Jelly which is in these products which immediately nourishes and smoothes dry hair and makes them feel divine. Sounds far fetched eh?

Well guess what, its surprisingly true :D Once you shampoo your hair with the shampoo from this range you wont go back to any other. No matter how much you rinse your hair after shampooing, your hair wont feel dry at all!

I did not even feel the need to condition after shampooing with this, because my hair already felt silky smooth and soft. The conditioner is fab too! It makes your hair super soft and tangle free.

But the best product that I like from this range is their nourishing day fluid. Its like a super light leave in conditioner. You just squirt a little bit, rub it between your palms and then spread it all over your hair and you'l immediately have super shiny, naturally healthy looking locks! It calms downs split ends and smells amaizng too. This works wonders on curls :)

They are all priced around 3-5 quid, but even if you incorporate one of the products from the range in your hair care you will notice a difference!

My take on liquid/cream Concealer

This was my first time using liquid/cream concealer. We were recently on a search for the perfect concealer for my sister and found this baby in the process. Its called MAC'S Select Cover-up Concealer.

The other ones were full coverage and pretty good too but they creased like mad :S and its just too hectic to keep retouching concealer especially when on the go and so this one seemed pretty nice.

It is a very nice creamy consistency and spreads easily too. It seems a little creamy on application but then dries to a matte finish which is perfect as non matte concealers will enhance your wrinkles and dark circles! So always try and select a matte concealer or set it with loose powder for a matte finish.

The best thing about the consistency of this concealer is that because its liquid, you can build it up without it creasing even a tiny bit! This also will stay put the whole day because it does not crease and sets like foundation on your skin as soon as you apply it.

I noticed that the colors in this concealer range come out a shade or two darker than what MAC colors usually are so always test prior to buying and try a shade or two lighter than what the MA suggests.

If you are looking particularly for a matte, natural, non creasing concealer, I guess this would be it! Its 11 quid for a tube and you need just a tiny bit so do give it a go gurlies :)