Smoked Out Purple

I personally love purples and feel they are wearable during the day or night and look so hot! However, I feel wearing purple during the day as an overall lid color can make you look a bit washed out, especially if you do not wear a full coverage foundation. Hence I like to sport it with a lighter base color for a glammed up look!

Products used:

- Mac Painterly used as a primer
- Mac Vanilla Pigment used as an overall base color
- NYX eyeshadow in deep purple used from trio 06 in the outer crease
- Matte black eyeshadow used to deepen the crease
- Lancome eyeshadow quad in 350 used for highligher color
- Black eye kohl used to line the upper and lower waterline
- Rimmel sexy curves mascara used for the lashes

Sumptious Green-Gold look

Products Used:

- Mac Paintpot in painterly used as a primer
- Coastal Scents gel liner in 24k used as a base color
- Mac woodwinked eyeshadow used as an overall lid color
- Mac Teal Pigment used in the outer crease
- Matte black shadow used to deepen the outer crease
- all blended in with Mac 217
- Highligher used from sleek eyeshadow palette (storm)
- Black eye khol used to line the lower and upper water line


*~Summer Gold~* - Coastal Scents Gel Liner in 24K

I recently ordered this gel liner from coastal scents and as usual it arrived super quick :D I just adore their service, prices and products :) hehe...Well so this is a gel liner in shade 24k and as you can see from the pics above, I do not intend to use this as a liner but rather as a eyeshadow base or an overall lid color!

I was looking for a dupe for Illamasqua's Solstice and wanted a gold shadow that would actually show up and hence was very tempted to try this. I have always noticed that gel liners are very pigmented and if you try to use them as shadows you will achieve amazing results.

Speaking about this liner, its pretty decent in quality and very creamy. It is quite pigmented too and I reckon it would not crease much as it is supposed to be a liner and hence will stay in place. However I always would put this over a paintpot or a primer.

Its good as a base for neutral eyeshadows and excellent to just wear on its own for a gold wash on your eyes without looking too made up. The unique thing about this is the color itself which is a very toned down gold. Its not a yellow gold, I would rather describe this as a 'true' gold and hence living up to its name! The texture is not metallic but just shimmery.

Although its not as amazing as solstice in terms of its metallic sheen and pigmentation, I would still recommend this to you guys as its unique in its own self. Especially for £4.23 you cannot go wrong with this for summer! ;)


Woodwinked and Satin Taupe

This is how I wear Mac's Woodwinked and Satin Taupe together everyday withough it looking too unsuitable for day time wear.

Mac painterly has been used a base, then satin taupe is applied generously from the outer crease blending it inwards using a Mac 217.

Woodwinked eyeshadow is then applied just to the inner corner of the eyes using a Mac 239 and and stopping half way.

I have found that putting the crease color first followed by the main lid color is much more effective, easy to blend and super quick for those on-the-go! It prevents disturbing your crease color and the blending you have achieved.

Have you ever tried it this way?