Mini Mac Haul!

So I recently picked these little darlings from a MAC counter and all of them are absolutely lovely on their own, or paired with each other!

* Vanilla Pigment - This is such a delight to use you guys! Although I always thought vanilla was a matte white :S but anyways this is such a gorgeous neutral overall lid color and really brightens up the eye immediately. Its gorgeous as a highligher or for an overall face glow. I use this every single day and its a beauty. How did I live without this?! Plus the jar will last a lifetime I gues...hehe

* Woodwinked Eyeshadow - This one is another stunner! :O Its the most subtle, elegant, toned down, day time wearable gold I've ever seen :) It would look absolutely lovely on any body plus the pigmentation is awesome. I particularly love the veluxe pearl finishes! This and satin taupe together work wonders :O

* Satin taupe Eyeshadow - This a typical taupe color with a lot of red undertones to it and its perfect as a crease color with almost any eyeshadow if you do not want a very dark crease color and want to keep it toned down. Again, amazing consistensy, silky smooth and will last ages!

* Expensive Pink Eyeshadow - This I guess would be my least favourite of them all. I got it off ebay and hence the limited edition packaging. Its a very unique pinky gold color, but kind of washes me out and makes my eyes look slightly puffy or tired :S Thus I havent been reaching much for it :S

However this would look much better on darker skintones and I would recommend you to wear it as a crease color rather that an overall lid color, maybe alongside vanilla, so that it does not give a washed out effect.

Overall, I am thrilled with this purchase :D All these shadows look fab paired with vanilla pigment and do look out for the veluxe pearl finishes as they are simply gorgeous.


Hot Pink Vanilla Eyes

I really love wearing hot pink on eyes, as it does not wash me out and instead gives me bright fresh look and what better than summer to flaunt it :D So here's my take on it!

Products used:-

- Mac painterly paintpot is used to prime the eyes
- Mac Vanilla pigment is used in the inner corners and as an overall lid color
- NYX chrome eyeshadow in sunny day in the outer corners, blended inwards and upwards using a Mac 217.
- Lancome color focus eyeshadow is used as a highligher and to blend any harsh lines (from the color focus quad 351)
- Black kohl pencil used to line the upper lashline and the lower waterline

Wearing pink (especially fuschia pink) can be daunting for most of us. But do give this one a try fellas :)

Sunset gold eyes

I was just trying out this look that I was thinking of wearing at a wedding. Its elegant, wearable and summery at the same time.

Products Used:-

- Eyes primed using Mac Painterly Paintpot
- Mac Woodwinked shadow used in the inner corner and as an oveall lid color
- 2True eyeshadow in number 11 used on the outer crease and blended inwards and upwards with Mac 217
- Lancome matte white highligher used for highlight from the color focus quad 351
- Black eye kohl used to line the upper lashline and the lower and upper waterline

Neutral everyday 'barely there' eyeshadow

This is the look I sport almost everyday. Although it looks as if I am not wearing any eyeshadow but I am. I dont like wearing a lot of color everyday but still want a wash of some eyeshadow and some shimmer to brighten up the eyes.

Products used:-
- Mac paintpot in painterly to prime my eyes.
- Mac Vanilla pigment in the inner corner and as an overall lid color
- Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow quad in blushed wine - darkest plum color used in the crease blended inwards
- Lancome color focus 351 eyeshadow quad - highligher shade(matte white) used as a highligher
- Rimmel sexy curves mascara on the lashes

I prefer not to use any eye kohl or eyeliner on an everyday basis as it maintains a youthfull natural appearance without looking harsh on the eyes.


Concealer Update - Journey from Dermacolor to Boing and back to Dermacolor

So I recently got on the Benefit Boing bandwagon and got totally hooked! At first I found it to be so emolient, creaseproof, longwearing and totally my color but now I have slightly different thoughts lol, well completely opposite thoughts to be honest :S

First of all, the shade 03 is completly not my color and is noticably ORANGE on me. How could I not notice that at first!!! :O Secondly because its very light and creamy, it creases in an hour and vanishes even if I touch it slightly. And Lastly, although its supposedly an 'industrial' concealer, I can still see the black shadow through it which is left there from my glasses.

So after religiously using it for six months, trying hard to love it, I finally gave up on it and realised that it was just not covering ANYTHING. I now am back to my Dermacolor camouflage system creme. Now this one is supposed to cover discoloration, scars and tattoo marks, and trust me guys it actually delivers. This is what I would call an industrial concealer in its true sense.

I used it before too for a year or two but left it for a while as it was to thick and creased slightly. But now that I apply this with a fluffy blending brush and set it with some loose powder, it is literally creaseproof and works wonders! No dark cirles ever peep through this and it lasts a long time.

I would definately recommend this to you guys on the search for the 'perfect' concealer. Now let me tell you this is not a standard concealer and I guess not intended for use under the eyes, but I have used it for about a year and if you use a good moisturiser you will be fine with this. They have this in a wide array of colors and you will definately need some assistance with your perfect match.

You can get this online at kryolan.com or charlesfox.co.uk or at Charles H Fox Ltd. 22 Tavistock Street, Covent Garden LONDON WC2E 7PY.

Let me know if you guys have ever tried something from this brand or if you do in the future :)


Ruby & Millie, Make up on the go - A Review

This makeup kit is by Ruby & Millie and I guess its only available in the UK. Its called make up on the go and comes with five travel size brushes which come in a brush bag, a travel mirror and a makeup palette. The makeup palette contains two blushes and a highlighter, 10 eyeshadows, 5 lip colors and 4 metallic cream colors. It retails for 50 quid in boots.

On talking about good things of the kit first! I lovvee the chic red leather casing! It is just so sturdy and of such good quality and this applies to the brush case too. The brushes that come with it were of considerably good quality. It comes with a mini foundation brush, blush brush, eyeliner brush, lip brush and an eyeshadow brush. I really love the foundation brush before and the eyeliner brush out of these.

I did not have a foundation brush and this one being travel size is just perfect for concealing and foundation. The eyeliner brush is very similar to one of MAC's and is so precise that you'l never go wrong with it. I simply adored the brushes and were a good addition to my collection :)

Now coming to the horrendous part! :S The makeup palette is just a waste of money!! The blushes are of such low quality, powdery, chalky and dont blend at all. They just sat on my skin looking all wierd. I have never used or come accross such cheap quality blushes ever :O

I was really excited about the metallic cream colors as the shades resembled some from the Illamasqua sirens collection. But these turned out to be soo nasty that they did not even turn up on my eyes! They had no adhesive power at all and simply melted into my skin like cream without giving any color :(

The eyeshadows on the other hand were decent, well atleast they showed up. There are a lot of eyeshadow colors here that I do not possess and hence I can just use them to create fun looks. I am not much of a lip person and thus cant judge the quality of these lip colors, but on the whole they were pigmented and applied decently.

On the whole, this set was only worth the quality casing and the brush set! I wonder if Ruby & Millie even through the quality check or approval process of the makeup palette. Its a ripoff for £50! Probably a makeup newbie would be happy with this but those who have used even one MAC product wouldn't use this at all. So I would recommend you not to be decieved by the superficiality of this kit and waste your money on it but rather save it for some quality goodies :)