MAC 109 Brush

I couldn't resist buying this brush for my birthday haul after hearing a gazilliion amazing reviews about it. I wanted to get it from quite a while but couldnt justify spending £20 for a brush which I had no idea what I was going to use for?!

I love MAC brushes generally and till date possess a 239, 217, 187 and 116 and love them all. I havent come accross many people on youtube or on beauty blogs disliking the 109 but shocking as it may seem, I regret to differ from my fellow beauty geeks on this buy.

First of all, I could not find a use for this brush!!! It was too dense for blush, a bit broad for contour, a bit too small for mineral foundation and so on.... Its basically a mini kabuki brush with an extra long handle which can mainly (and only!) be used to buff in products. I agree it is lovely for liquid foundation, but unfortunaltely I dont use that on a regular basis.

I use powder foundation and it was fairly decent with that, not to forget very tiring due to it being small, but it provided more or less the same results that my 116 or any powder brush would offer.

Infact because of its density it just deposited a tad too much on my face and made me look ghastly :O I even heard this was fab for cream blushes and tried it for that too. Again it was fairly decent, nothing spectacular! Infact a 187 or a 188 are simply awesome for that. Regarding quality, ofcourse this was so soft but it did shed a few tiny hairs each day which is a pain to take off.

So overall, I did not have a very pleasant experience with Mac 109 :( Nonetheless I am still keeping it and trying to use it to buff in my products. Do you guys have any suggestions how to use it?

Laura Geller Blush-N-Brighten - Down to Earth

Now this brand is not completely new to me. I have tried its eyeshadow due in Pink Icing/Devils Food before and have found it to be amazing and I must say the products succeed in impressing me once again! This is Laura Geller's Blush-N-Brighten in Down to Earth.

The blush is divided by a fine line in two parts. The part with the white veining is supposed to be used to brigthen your face and I am assuming is to be used as a highlighter. The other side is supposed to be used as blush and is thus darker.

Regarding the colors first, there are so many vienings that its hard to simply describe the color in a word. Its a berry toned color with a mix of purple, light grey and mauve. I use the brigthen side with the white viening as my cheek color on the top of my cheek bones and the darker mauve color as a contour and it works wonders :D This color just brightens your face and gives you that pinch of color that you need, just make sure you dont overdo it as it tends to be quite pigmented. The texture of the blush is ahhmazing!

Its so finely milled and silky that it simply melts into your skin giving you that flush from within. It gives you a goddess glow without the obvious shimmer particles and hence you wont even need to buff this in. This has a rather unique silky luminous finish which cant be termed as matte or shimmery.

I would not even compare the quality of this to MAC blushes as this tends to be way more superior, more like Nars blushes. Plus the quantity of 9 gms will definately last you a lifetime! I am planning to collect more of these from the range as it has become my absolute fave these days and hence would highly recommend this to all you girls out there.

Even if you dont like berry colored blushes, trust me on this one and give it a shot and you wont regret it ;) Also as there are a mix of 4 colors in this product, you can even use this for eyeshadow. The only downfall to this would be that you cant possibly carry this much without having some fallout :S Besides that, this is a very unique blush and can be found on ebay for under a tenner.

Illamasqua Bronzer in Glint & Writhe

I have so wanted to get this duo after seeing Pixiewoo use it on her YouTube makeup channel and she is right, its awesome guys!! So since my Estee Lauder Bronzer ran out I was on the hunt for a new bronzer this time.

The one's I had shortilisted included one of Mac's Blushes/Bronzers from the Style Warrior collection, Nars's Laguna and Illamasqua Bronzer. The Nars one I heard was a bit muddy on many people so I counted that out. I tried the Style Warrior ones and they seemed too orange on me :S They might probably suit darker skin tones though!

However this baby seemed perfect! The only and main reason being that it does not contain any sort of orange tones to it. This duo is called Glynt and Writhe. The lighter beige color can be used as a highligher or even for overall glow. Use it all over the face or just on the cheekbones for a gorgeous sunkissed glow, plus it looks so natural. I absolutely adore this lighter shade!

The darker shade on the other hand is the actual bronzer and as you can see in the swatch above, its LITERALLY BRONZE!! Now thats freaking awesome :D The texture of this bronzer is very fine, super easy to blend and has a pearly sheen to it. They are uber pigmented and last long and thus make a very natural and amazing contour color for our cheek bones this summer :)

The only cons to this would be that the packaging is humongous :O It would be highly impractical to carry this in one's bag. However, the packaging is of very high quality (similar to bobbi brown) unlike Mac's flimsy blush containers :S. So overall, If you ladies are looking for a new bronzer this summer, definately give this a try.

They retail for £18 and get out of stock very quick, so hurry!