Batiste Dry Shampoo

Does your hair get oily and limpy very often between washes? Dread washing it? Occupies a lot of time? Then this is the product for you! This is Batiste dry shampoo available at drugstores. It retails for under £3 I believe. Its function is basically to give you absolutely clean hair in 2 minutes as opposed to half an hour of hair wash lol.

Does it live up to what it says? Well it does :D All you have to do is to spray it around your roots/crown or where ever you feel you need it. Then brush it out, that simple. It will make your hair so clean, detangled and free flowing, no one will come to know you've achieved this from a can! Plus it gave my hair so much volume and texture at the crown, which I love!

Give this baby a go for sure. It would be so handy to use before creating hairstyles which require volume or to use it when you are out on a holiday. I got mine in original and it makes my hair feel pretty fresh (It smells like shampoo too!)

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara

I decided to get this product after hearing a lot of good things about it from PixieWoo's youtube channel. I was going to the Loreal Voluminous at first but then decided to go for this one as it seemed so much more exciting!! lol.

So the mascara is supposed to plump your eyelashes, give them a lot of volume and curves at the right places, hence Sexy Curves. Does it deliver that? Well surprisingly, it does :) This is my first Rimmel Mascara and I have to admit I am pretty much surprised by the results.

First of all the packaging of this product is simply fab! I mean how can you resist that metallic purple color?! Its such a refreshing change from the usual boring packaging of mascaras. Secondly, the formula is very glossy, and thus it will not clump your eyelashes and gives you a fresh black coat. The curves in the mascara do work too as they lifted my lashes quite a bit without a curler. Lastly and most importantly, the wand is what lies behind this genious product!

When I first looked at it, I almost thought it was bald and had no bristles lol. The bristles are spikey, VERY short and firm and this is the reason it will give you a non clumpy look even after 5 coats. It lenghtens my lashes like craaazy and give just a teeeeny bit of volume. All perfect for a daytime glam look! Dont expect a 'false lash' effect from this though.

So overall, a fantastic buy! But beware girls, the bristles are a bit spikey and you might want to avoid this if you are a bit on the clumsy side :P It delivers what is promises and for the price (under a tenner I suppose) you wont regret it! I would suggest you save the brush and use it with your other mascaras too to achieve a non clumpy neat look :)