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Victoria Jackson Makeup Haul & Review

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Shimmer powder in bronze - swatch
Eye Gems swatch (I misplaced the third one :S)

I got a Victoria Jackson Makeup Bag with a 12 mini lip gloss set, a 5 piece brush set with case, a shimmer powder brush in bronze, eye gems trio and a beauty tips book :)

Just for your information, Victoria Jackson is a Makeup Artist in Hollywood. I havent heard much of her but the sales person insisted that she does makeup for shows like Desperate Housewives and all.

Also according to them the goody bag is worth over a £100 which I did not believe. I mean I dont blame those people as they have prepared that pitch in advance and their job is to persuade people into buying them. However what matters is that I got a deal for all these products for £20 and I can assure you it is of a pretty decent quality.

The 12 mini lipgloss set - This is my favourite item from the bag and is any makeup lovers dream! The lipglosses are about 2 inch in size. It would be a sin to compare their quality to that of MAC or Nyx as these are WAY too good. I would compare them to Illamasqua or Nars Lipglosses. They are uber pigmented, non sticky, very thick in consistency and glide like a dream.

They are so thick and pigmented that you only need one swipe all over your lips and the rest you can set with with your lip brush. They have a ultra shimmery consistency and look super glossy on application. Only 4 colors are non-shimmery many of which are the reds. I never thought I would use all the colors however they are so flattering that I love them all equally. I especially love the reds in this set, as there is a warm deep red, a bright orangey red and a true blood red. The non-shimmery teracotta color would be universally flattering IMO.

100 % Addicted :)

The 5 piece brush set - Now this is not the best brush set in the world, however thrown in with this £20 goody bag - I so dont mind! The foundation brush and the face blender brush are awesome and super soft. The face blender brush is unique white brush and is in between MAC 109 and 168 brushes. The eye brushes are simply OKAY and I have so many already so I wont be using these.

Shimmer powder brush in bronze - I believe The Body Shop do a similar product but as I dont own any like it, I really dont mind it. Its a super shimmery golden bronze color that would be great to apply lightly on the face for parties. It comes with a soft brush on the top which does help. It would work better for application on the body though.

Eye gems trio - I am not very fond of these products as I have never been a fan of eyeshadow sticks. It comes in a pearly white, a shell pink and a charcoal color. They are pretty creamy in consistency but I would not use this as a base as it would crease. To highlight the inner corners of the eye or the browbone - it would definately work best. I believe these are similar to MAC Shadesticks or Benefit's Eye bright or High brow.

Beauty tips booklet - I am not a fan of reading about makeup but this little booklet is pretty informative in some ways. I has different sections about various areas of the face and little 'how-to' sections on them.

Some people on the net think the sales rep selling VJ stuff is a con and all. However let me assure you its just decent quality makeup for less, not a con. I would totally recommend the mini lipgloss set - ebay it, google it, whatever colour you can find - get your hands on it!

Overall 4/5 - Great high-end packaging, very similar to Bobbi Browns and pretty decent products :)
twinsouls888 said...

That is one beautiful haul !!! I like the lipglosses best ^_^

desiiGirl87 said...

sounds like a argain!
where did you get it from?
i have heard of this brand on youtube..not sure where though..

Sheefa F said...

@desiiGirl87 - hey I got this set from a Victoria Jackson sales person in Stratford Mall (London). He did leave me his number incase I wanted to order more. If you want the number do let me know and I'l pass it on to you hun :)

Phoebe Limanta said...

nice haul babe :D

the products look fantastic! and thank you for the reviews on them :) very helpful!

happy new year! :D

The Beautifier said...

Great haul girlie! those lippies look awesome! def would like to get my hands on these! Happy New year 2010 girlie and best of luck for your exams! love xoxo

Divija Reddy said...

Stock is yet 2 come, but v have VJ kiosk at d mall. Wats d use of kiosk without stock? Thnk god you mentioned, so I dont have to blink! 20 pounds? luks like a great deal! have fun ;)

Witoxicity said...

I've never tried this brand before. The lipglosses are so cute! Mini and in so many shades....perfect!

Btw, I nominated you for an award the other day. I believe it's an award that you've mentioned before on your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

I hadn't even heard of this brand till I stumbled upon your blog! Great review and swatches, I love the look of the products =)

Cynthia Z said...

The mini lipglosses are sooo cute ^.^
Body Shop does have something similar to the shimmer powder brush but i think this packaging looks better than BS.




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