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I frequently read your blog!

I was tagged by the ever so glamorous Cheryl from Cheryl's Beauty Blog for this tag!

Its as simple as it looks like and is called the 'I frequently read your blog' award where you tag 10 blogs which you frequently read. Let them know that you tagged them though :)

I may not comment all the time but I do read all these blogs! Here are my favourites, which I religiously read come rain or shine...

I tag:

- Delhi's Beauty Addict
- Asian Beautifier
- Lipstick Rules
- Makeup Before Coffee
- Mizz Worthy's Stuff
- Computergirl's Musings
- Beautilicious Love
- IDreamofMac
- Princesa Livia
- Lollipop21

If you havent checked these blogs out yet, hurry and follow them now! Share the love

Obviously I have many other favourite blogs too but I am kinda addicted to the ones stated above.

And if you aint tagged, you can still do the tag and let people know about your favourite blogs eh?

p.s. Omg it actually snowed here today :O hehe :D Wana see more of it!
Cynthia Zacharica. said...

Aww..Thanks girly..Yay..So sweet of u. I'm so touched. Will post it soon. *Hugs*
So lucky u got snow there..I've never seen or touched snow in my life!

The Beautifier said...

Hey Shifs! thanks a lot for the award hun! you are a star!
I will post it soon! hugs xoxo

DANA said...

Ooh! Nice tag!!


Princesa Livia said...

Awww thanks for the wonderful tag~!! I feel really happy that you read my blog often ♥

Computergirl said...

Awwwww Thank you!!!! :) Ditto back at you!

Just doing this now, thanks for the award!! :)Emma x

mizzworthy said...

Thanks so much for the tag sweetie - its lovely to know people enjoy the blog xxx

Anonymous said...

thank you thank you!!! this means a lot!
btw i use nail polishes with thin brushes from any drugstore!

Bombchell said...

I only know a few of those but ill check out some of the others

kimber doll said...

Congrats on your award!!!
Thanks for following too, I love your blog=)

Divija Reddy said...

How r u lil pup? Luks like ur all havin gr8 fun :) congrats

Lipstick Rules said...

Thanks so much!!

I love reading yours too -- I really appreciate all the ongoing support you give me and my blog. You were one of my earliest 'readers.' Thanks for continuing to read!



Shifa said...

@Divija - am good hun! hope u've been fine too :)

@Lipstick Rules - Awww no worries hun! I adore ya blog :) Its the most innovative one out here ♥

Thanks a lot to all of you's too :)




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