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Healthy Locks - 101

I have no idea why I ever dont write about hair, because surprisingly enough I have been equally into hair as much as makup! Well better late then never eh..
I used to straighten my hair every single day for about 15 minutes (atleast!) to create that poker straight look. However then I noticed a huge damage in the texture of my hair which started looking rather dry and coarse and what worried me the most was that extensive straightening actually stunned the growth of my hair.
I have considerably wavy slightly frizzy hai. Since 6 months now, I decided to cut down on the amount of time I straighen my hair.
How I do this? I have two techniques which I swear by
- I straighten a quater of my hair starting from the roots, so that it calms down the frizz on the top and leave the rest of them as they are, i.e. naturaly wavy (as seen in the first pic). I love extra volume, so I simply tease the upper section of my hair for that extra oomph. However be gentle to your hair while teasing, let the hairspray work its magic. OR
- Instead of straigtening my hair which occupies a lot of time, I simply straighten my fringe/bangs, tease it and add some hairspray and then curl the ends (as seen in the second pic). I dont make a lot of effort in this as my hair is naturaly wavy and volumised. I love how curls add that glamour quotient to any look and definately suit me more than my straight locks IMO.
The reason for the less damage is that, with curls I dont attempt to achieve a 'perfect' look and tend to curl a chunk of hair only once as it lasts long too, eventually forming a loose wave. It has noticibly caused less damage (almost none) to the end of my hairs, as the way I curl my hair, it does not apply much heat to the ends avoiding those disasterous splitends. I have seen a significant improvement in growth and overall texture of my locks in this period.
I have been sporting this look regularly from almost half a year how and am totally in love with it as its just so fresh and different, not to forget much beneficial for the growth and health of my hair.
Products I swear by:
- Loreal Elvive Re-nutrition Nourishing Fluid (leave in)
- Tresemme Thermal Recovery - Intensive repair and rehydration treatment
- Charles Worthington Dream Hair - Thickening Shampoo
- Loreal Elvive Re-nutrition - Conditioner
- Loreal Elnett Hairspray
Let me know your tips, experiences and any product recommendations :)
p.s I also have stopped dying my hair = less damage & black hair = Thumbs up!
Resham said...

your hair is lovely n gorgeous...
I had lovely hair too...but for some strange reason they have started thining now...can u recommend some products?

Sheefa F said...

aww fankew hun :) and you should try voluminsing and thickening shampoos. Charles worthington have an amazing range for that. You get serums in the market, especially by Andrew Jose for fragile hair which give it an instant lift. Also massage your scalp daily with finger tips as this stimulates blood flow to the skin surface improving the condition of hair.

Cynthia Z said...

Thanks for sharing yr routine gawjus. U know i've always liked yr hair..n I do think curls n waves suit u better than poker straight. I'm gonna check out loreal renutrition range.I've wanted Elnett for so long...can u believe i've never used hairspray??!!
2 yrs ago Heathrow airport confiscated some Tresemme products I bought *fuming* I haven't forgiven them till now...hehe.

Divija Reddy said...

lovely info, girlie :) did u like ur name along with the award?

Sheefa F said...

oh yes that was so cute! hehe ♥ :) fankew again hun!

Sheefa F said...

@Cynthia - I know I wasnt a hairspray fan before too..but it works wonders for teasing hair and volume :) Give it a go for sure ♥

Marisa said...

i love your wavy hair in the second photo!

Cupcake Unicorn said...

Your hair looks so healthy in all your photos. I wish I could get more volume in my hair but it is so fine. I wish it wasn't so easy to damage your hair because it takes a lot to get it back aqain. I only straighten my fringe atm. I will give it ago curling some of the lover lengths like you.

Vanessa Baptista said...

your hair looks beautiful! It reminds me of mine when I actually have time to condition it for longer than 5mins!
Gorgeous <3

Btw, I'm having a competition for Beauty/Fashion bloggers. I'm givin away MAC/NARS/BOBBI BROWN goodies for the Winner so come join in & let others know to double your chance.


Unknown said...

You have great hair! I love wavy locks xx Livia

Arezu said...

I use to straighten my hair everyday too, and it damaged my hair in the sense that I use to have wavy/curly hair out of the shower, and now then I had straightish hair. So I stopped straightening, and I do the same thing you do, but in a bit of moose at my roots for volume, and a little bit of curl shaping lotion, dry it, and then curl the front quickly with my flat iron.

Unknown said...

your hair is so nice!! jelous! XO

Nicole said...

i am trying really hard to cut back on straightening !!

your hair looks beautiful curly

Anonymous said...

cute and gorgeous!
i can't remember the last time i straightened my hair, in fact i hate straight hair on me, i suit my hair wavy and textured, i.e. how it naturally is. it seems to be very similar to yours.
i tend to avoid heat styling and even let it dry naturally some occasions as there was a time the blow drying was leaving my hair very weak and would snap easily.

kuri♥ayu said...

you're wavy curly hair is so~ gorgeous! i'm jealous! i definately do a lot of straightening damage to my hair because i don't like how it looks naturally :( thanks for all the product recommendations <3

The Beautifier said...

Ah your hair is so shiny and healthy girl! nowadays, even I have started to avoid straightning everyday as i'm seeing that my hair retains its moisture level for a longer time and my spit ends are a lot less when I make a lesser use of straightners on my hair xoxo

Sheefa F said...

@Kuri♥ayu - no prob hun :)

@The B - ohh welcome aboard then! ♥

@su-pah - fanks a lot gorgeous~!

@Arezu - Oh I'l hvta try using mousse at the roots!

Unknown said...

i love so much your pictures, you look so beautiful and natural :)

Shabna said...

AGREED! I love my black hair ;D
Also TYSM for following. Your blog is hot :)

p.s. our hair is so alike LOL

Alina Rodriguez said...

I def agree about the no hair dyeing part. I stopped dying my hair and just dyed it one last time to my natural hair color which is black. And I must day my hair has improved a bit. I find that black hair or dark hair helps the hair appear more healthier and shinier :)

I know I will dye my hair again as I love change! But I will hold out as long as i can lol :)

Witoxicity said...

Your hair looks great black, so it's good that you've stopped dying it. Great tips there! Thanks!

Unknown said...

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