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Hair Extensions?!

After seeing gorgeous before and after natural results using hair extensions on Patukiii's blog (NOT the picture above!), I decided even I wanted to join the bandwagon and feel the bliss of super long gorgeous hair in minutes.

I am planning to invest in a 16 or 18" extension, which I can sport on a family ocassion in February next year. I will definately be opting for the 'clip in' hair extentions as they are the easiest to use and tangle much less. As far as I know, they come in a band like form which simply needs to be clipped in between layers to assure safety.

However creepy it may sound, I will be going for human hair extentions as they can be curled and straightened efficiently. As for the colour, I am not sure yet but I am debating between a soft black brown which will exactly match my current hair colour, or a warm dark blonde which will create a two toned or a highlight effect in the lower part of the hair making it appear slightly funky.

I know many of you's may have already tried extensions or may know of someone who has. You may just have more information then me to help me out in making a purchase!

So let me know your experiences guys. What brands are best and what are not, where to best get them from - ebay seller suggestions perhaps? I am open to all price ranges but not overtly extravagent please - I am a student at the end of the day :) teehee
Cynthia Z said...

Sounds great girl..u should go for the warm dark blonde..so glam. I've only tried the salon glued/permanent ones not the clipped ones.
Good luck in finding the ones u want!

J-ezzy said...

I have to apologize, I have never tried them but I too am interested in clip in 16" or 18" extensions. I don't know if I wanna go for natural, not for cuddies reasons, but $$$ wise, isn't natural pricey and are artificial extensions curlable? I don't know =/ boo, I'm no help. I can't wait to see what others say!

Unknown said...

I just ordered some foxylocks extensions today so I will let you know if they are any good. Just wanted to say hello to a fellow shopaholic blogger! yay! xx

Sheefa F said...

@Sarah x - yes that would be for great help hun :) and yay for shopaholic bloggers!

Sheefa F said...

@J-ezzy - as far as I know you cannot apply heat to synthetic extensions as they tend to melt(!) Not sure hun but thats what I've heard! and yes human hair ones are pricier, however depending on the quality you choose they can start from around £20!

Lily said...

Hi! Sorry for commenting off-topic, but I wanted to let you know that I like your site so I nominated you for a little award. You don't have to do anything about it, but I'm just telling you in case you want to pass it on :)


desiiGirl87 said...

i would personally go for clip ins, its easier to change and rechange looks, and they last longer!
im going to get some for my bday, ive been looking around and i think the cheapest are on ebay!

amynaree said...

I have never gotten hair extensions but been wanting to as well but it's just so costly! I really wanted to try Jessica Simpson's Hair Do Clip on extensions.

Sorry I have no experience to share with you but will be looking fwd to hearing about yours!

Nicole said...

i loved my clip in extensions! although i always had a hard time getting them to clip in just rght i loved the look they gave me! not only did they add length but it made your hair feel thinker also! cant wait to see them on you :)

The Beautifier said...

Oh you will look super gorg with the dark blond hair extentions hun! xoxo

Trendy with Style "P" said...

Hi girl! thanks for following me!!
The shade I'm using is L'oreal Paris 8.1 ash blonde.
U r very cute! u r gonna look great with hair extensions!! 18 inches!!! definetely!!

missjessiiiica said...

Hey, I am an avid extension wearer:) I LOVE THEM! I always buy mine off ebay. When you search for them search "clip in human hair extensions" then on the side bar to the left click "buy it now" and also select the option "free shipping" (both of these options are near the bottom of the page. Normally your cheapest extensions are 18-20 inches (which if you want something 16inches. its cheaper to buy them long, and get them trimmed!) When you are buying your hair your going to want to get AT LEAST 100grams of hair, if you don't it wont look natural. Beware of a seller who doesn't list the weight of their hair! I have a friend who has pretty thick hair, and we put 160grams of hair extensions @ 20 inches for 55$. Some good sellers are... minihouse8888, human-hair, guiguibao2008, hairsalon-2008
All of these sellers are shipping from Asian countries & the shipping takes anywhere from 14-20 days (which isn't too bad as long as you give yourself enough time!)

So, a good set on ebay is around 40-55$! Which is much cheaper than you could get anywhere else. my sister is a hairdresser & i bought her some for her birthday.. she didn't believe me when i told her i only paid 35$ haha! Well, i would LOVE to know how you make out with this:) Please let me know what you decide to do!

Belle said...

hey shifa..thank u for following, gal..

n abt the hair extensions..
I heard from my friend abt her disastrous moments with glue-in extensions..she needed several weeks to get that glue out of the hair..
but now she picks clip-ins as they are much easier to use n carry n can be readjustable at times..

and abt the color..i think u should die with ur hair dye, to blend it with ur natural hair....

desiiGirl87 said...

heyyy i just came across a video on youtube, the guru was applying hair extensions, she posted the link in the sidebar, the extensions are really cheap and are human hair too, so you can style them however you like!!!
anyway, watching the video reminded me of your post, so hoping uim not too late, here are the links! (oh and they are uk based)
the link to the video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfJehSkojTs&feature=sub
link to the website:http://www.rapunzelrapunzel.co.uk/

Sheefa F said...

aww fanks a lot for the link hun! Am gona check it out now :)




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