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My Spring it? Epicare? - Easy peasy hair remover!

This may look like a bizarre device to some of you's but this wierd looking cotton bud/Q-tip like thing is actually very handy and efficient for facial hair removal! I have heard makeup gurus like pursebuzz and bubzbeauty talk about this product and thats about it. I wonder why it did not get any more popular?!

Basically this product has two pink handles and in between is a tightly coiled spring. What you have to do is basically bend it to make a U shape and rotate the handles to and fro whilst pressing the devise against the skin. What this repeated action will do is pull the hair out of the root and give you a peach fuzz free face. It can be used for upperlip, cheeks and chin. What I found is that it simply simulates the action of threading but in an easier manner.

Now according to my research this device does not have one name, its either called 'my spring it' or 'epicare'. It is sold under these two retailers under different websites for under approx £10. However I just wanted to experiment with the product and hence opted for a cheaper gimmick from ebay for under £3!!! This gimmick however looks very similar to the 'my spring it' version and its just a spring at the end of the day so whatever!

I have been trying this product since a week now and so far so good! It does remove the tiniest of hair that threading or tweezing would not remove. On the pain scale, I find it a bit less painfull than threading. The best thing about this is the ease of use, I mean you dont even need a mirror to do this and it removes hair in minutes :D You can use it as often as you want but every 3 days should be enough. I am loving this thing right now as it seriously reduces the hassle of constant hair removal and its so handy that you can keep it in your bag where ever you go! Also tweezing upperlips will give you that nasty shadow so use this gurlies as it wont :)

Overall - 5/5 - Excellent!

Ebay Seller I bought from - jut1983

Watch a demo of this here - myspringit.com (for US) or facialhairremover.co.uk (for UK)
p.s. A hearltfelt YAYYYY for 300 followers :D fankew lovelies! you gurls rock ♥
Computergirl said...

I'm slightly scared of this product! Only because I find it hurts less if someone else does it! I found threading varies in pain, but I dont think I'd want to thread my own eyebrows!
Thanks for the post though!x

Unknown said...

That looks amazing!!
I want too try it & Im looking on ebay for it now! :D


Tiptoe21 said...

I've heard of this product, but i have yet to try it. I usually get my eyebrows threaded at a salon, but maybe i should try this out and save money! thanks for the review

Cristina. said...

ive been so curious about this!

jess ♥ said...

oooh i saw it on bubzbeauty a few weeks ago,
i might buy it from ebay now

thanks :D

Cynthia Z said...

Omg! Shifa I want this now, as I've broken up with threading hehe ;). Might order it right away on ebay.
Thanks a lot for the info!!!

Resham said...

This looks interesting....would love to try it...

Sheefa F said...

@Computergirl - Aww ur just like my sister! Even she's very scared of this but lets me do it on her hehe...but trust me it does not pain =) Give it some time hun

@Tiptoe21 - You cant use it for your eyebrows gurl due to safety reasons as it might catch ya eyelash!!! :S ouch!

@Jess - Yes you should definately get this =)

@Cynthia - You go gurl! Get it now and leme nw hw it works for you ♥

@Resham - You're right! One heck of an innovative thing this is =)

Lydia said...

Oh gosh this will hurt lke crazy! I used to have a bracelet like that and whenever it grabbed my little hairs on my arm it hurt!!!!

I'm very happy with this for hair removal:

Sheefa F said...

@Lydia - Oh yea I remember how a spring bracelet would hurt :s But funnily enough this does not hurt me at all on my upperlip (as thats the only area where I use it!)

Lydia said...

weird! Maybe this will make it to Italy in like 10 years though..ahah..

anyways, thanks for your comments, and by the way, it really depends on where you are and the rate exchange!
I paid 25 dollars for a fast delivery (but being in the UK you can get the ordinary one and it will arrive in reasonable time) and when that is converted in euros is way less! I figure it's even less in pounds!

I suggest you buy them before they raise their prices...their makeup line is already very expensive, I sense they will raise the prices with all this internet raving!

Inner Belle said...

ooo i actually saw this awhile back and thought what a cool idea but because i can actually thread my own brows and upper lip at such ease generally, i wasnt too excited about it, altho i wish i had this contraption when didnt have a clue... maybe i might jus get one tho jus for the hell of it, great review hun xxx

Sheefa F said...

@InnerBelle - You lucky gurl! You can threat on ya own :S m jealous! hehe..I couldn't and hence resorted to this measure. Its pretty good for as a substitute for threading. and no harm in spending less than a fiver on it eh ;)

Sheefa F said...

@Lydia - Oh you are right gurl! Companies always raise their prices after the hype. I should get some soon =)

Lu - The Pink Bandit said...

I have the epicare somewhere but I think i only used it once. Must dig it out and get my moneys worth! x

Chay Chay said...

i'm SO GLAD you did a review of this thing, because I saw it on YouTube and it looked like it would hurt, like when your bracelets might pinch your hairs, but now that you say it's less that threading...you helped me out ALOT girl!

~Lisa said...

I saw this at a local dollarstore for about $2. I wonder if it's any good..LOL

And congratz on 300 followers!!

Sheefa F said...

@T-Charry - You're welcome gurl! I am glad I could help =)

@lu - Its not that bad gurl! Make use of it =)

@Lisa - Wow! If you can try a gimmick for $2 then why not eh? ;)

The Beautifier said...

Hey! Thanks for the review! I have been looking in and out for a decent review on this for ages now! I wanted to try this out but was a bit skeptical and quite daunted of the thought of using it on my sensitive skin. Now i feel it would be just fine for my skin type, however i would like to test it on a small patch of my facial skin for a couple of days to find out the suitableness of this tool for my skin xoxo

Sheefa F said...

oh yes you should test it prior to use Sonali but I can assure you it is the best you will ever try regarding facial hair removal :D




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