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In and Out - November

There are just so many In's and Out's posts these days that I was tempted to do one too teehee =)

Here we go!


Creamy Concealers - gone are the days of heavy coverage concealers and that cakeyness seeping into fine lines (yikes :s). Illuminate and brighten is the key for this season, as the reflecting properties distract the attention away from those dark circles. Dry and heavy coverage concealers get into fine lines and attract more attention. I know illuminating concealers dont cover much, but flaunt what you got gurlies! For concealers, buh bye Mac and Hello Bobbi Brown (review following soon)

Color on the lips
- I cant believe all those years I have sported a complete makeup look totally skipping out the lip bit as I always thought it did not suit me! But now that I have discovered my new obsession of Lip pencils/Liners, I use a natural color all over the lips and it gives me a nice matte finish with a hint of color. Favourites amongst these are No. 7 lipliners as they are truely hydrating.

Winter?! - I cant believe I am saying this but I guess its coz of the stylish long boots, those amazing wolly scarves, the big coats to hide under - no matter what shape or size lol and not to forget Starbucks Mocha =)


Exams - I totally despise having mid term exams in January! I mean why cant we have yearly exams only in the summer?! Its so depressing to dig into books during these short winter days and not being able to enjoy every single day of the christmas sale :(

Mac 239 - This one's a shocker I know, but I havent been reaching for this brush at all since I have got my Ruby and Mille eyeshadow brush. Its a flat tapered brush, kinda scratchy too but totally efficient as it picks up a lot of color and easily reaches into the corners of the eyes unlike the 239. The 239 for some reason just seems of a wierd square shape to me now and does not even pick up as much color as the Ruby and Millie one. Why was it so overrated again?

Powder blushers - I am sure I will develop my love for them again but for now I just find them too cakey, over pigmented and hard to handle! They seem so fake sometimes making it obvious that I am wearing blush. I seem to prefer cream blushes these days as they are easier to control, you only need a bit and it lasts the whole day giving a nice radiant flush which is rather flattering :) Sebastian Trucco and Stila Convertible Color are my favourites for now.

what are your in and out's this month?

Divija Reddy said...

Nice post, thanx a bunch for ur sweet comments, Shifa!f

U remind me of Kangana ranaut of course with straight hair, for some reason. hope u dont mind this comparision :)

Sheefa F said...

omg! I love Kangana especially her curly locks =) hehe
how sweet of you! ♥

Witoxicity said...

I'm not crazy about winter but I have to agree with you about the cool boots that we get to wear now. Love them! :) Great post!

DluxEdition.com said...

Can't wait for the Bobbi Brown review! :)

Sheefa F said...

@Witoxicity - winter is all about boots =)

Sheefa F said...

@Kittynail - coming soon hun!

Manju said...

Exams are ALWAYS out! haha
gudluck with those darling!

Witoxicity said...

Hi again Shifa, About ELLIS FAAS, they will be available in the UK at Liberty from 1st Feb 2010, but they have an online shop that ships internationally. I replied on my blog, but figured it would be easier for you if I wrote it here. I think this brand would be great for you since you say you're into colour on your lips now.

Good luck with your preparations for your exams, btw! :)


Exams - yuck !

Cupcake Unicorn said...

I am with you on the blushes. I have totally given up on the powder blushes, they just look too dry in winter.

Cynthia Z said...

Love ♥♥ this post hun..makes me wanna jot down my Ins n Outs too ;)
I love winters just coz i can wear boots n yeah cakey concealers r such a turn off. As for exams, nobody likes them esp in the cold :\..so glad those days r over for me.

Cynthia Z said...

N i agree with Divija..u do resemble Kangana Ranaut :)

Abbie said...

I'm loving winter too, just bought a new coat & scarf :D xx

Sally said...

I definitely love convertible colors! I'm using them a lot lately too. What are your favorites?

Viva La Fashion said...

i agree. winter is definately in for me too. and its for the same reasons. :) gotta love those warm and comfy boots.

Divija Reddy said...

Hey, c cynthia also feels the same. Lets see if somebody else does that. u luk like kangana sans curls :) I was right! I like her for the innocent luks. I wish we manage to get into a frame and I can boast that I am with the real kangana :) hahaha...

Thanq again for stopping by :) i find u r deleting somethin nd posting again. Hope they r not hater comments :) u r too sweet to do that, as far as I know :)

Sheefa F said...

@smiley13tree - my favourite it gerbera :D

The Beautifier said...

Oh gosh! Exams are so out for me too!! Hate the look of those gloomy examination halls :(
Color on the lips, yes! thats in for me too xoxo

Tali said...

Im so with you on the poswer blushes. My skin is so dry right now that they just look so so obvious!!




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