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Bobbi Brown vs Mac - Concealers

Bobbi brown corrector in peach
Top Left - No concealer
Bottom Left - With BB concealear
Top Right - BB concealer set with Mac studio fix powder
Bottom Right - BB concealer set with Illamasqua Highlighter powder (Glint and Writhe duo)

Now that I was having a concealer crisis recently as my all time favourite Dermablend concealer finished :( I was desperately trying to look for a new match!

My next option had to be Mac Studio Finish Concealer. Firstly it was really difficult to find a good match for my skin tone. I have moderate brown dark circles on a yellowy-beige complexion. NC's were too yellow for me and NW's were too pink for me. They both looked like obvious attempts to cover something hideous underneath. I could not find anything that was a mix of beige/peach!

The MA's were hopeless *seriously pissed*. Besides the colors not matching my skintone problem, the studio finish was terrible in consistency for my dry skin. It immediately sets into creases, exaggerates fine lines and creases like hell!

Also it might be great for covering blemishes or scars but its a big no-no for the undereye area due to its super dry texture. Even the MA mixed it with an eye cream first before applying it. Why not just make it of a creamier consistency instead?

Being hugely disappointed by MAC and not being a huge fan of Benefit concealers too, I stumbled accross the Bobbi Brown counter and decided to give their correctors a try.


- The MA's were super helpful trying to 'diagnose' colors for my skintone
- I found the pefect beigy-peachy concealer for my skin tone in the first go! 
- Its uber creamy and pigmented yet opaque
- It gives a gorgeous light reflecting luminous finish and adapts color according to my skin tone, as in reality the color is much lighter than my skin color and I would never pick this on my own.
- It does crease a bit and needs retouching but then which concealer doesnt?
- Lesson learnt - try other brands and trust Bobbi Brown MA's

All the above = am a happy bunny :D

Refering to the pics above - I like wearing this concealer on its own too but its far to glowy for that and I am not a big fan of 'wet' looking concealers.  I either set it with Mac studio fix powder which mattifies it but then it does crease a bit!

What I best like to do is to set it with the highlighting powder from the Illamasqua Glint and Writh bronzing duo. I may sound wierd but it does work as the powder is light enough not to get into fine lines hence prevents creasing and provides just the right amout of glow there - perfect!

Has anyone had the same problem with Mac studio finish concealer? If it worked for you - am jealous! 

Nicole said...

i never really tried any MAC concealers.

the bobbi brown one looks so natural on you though! and the shade is perfect !

desiiGirl87 said...

thanx, tht was really informative!

Cupcake Unicorn said...

I haven't tried the studio finish because I have dry skin too. The studio sculpt concealer is very creamy and it replaced my old Bobbi Brown creamy concealer. I matched my own skin at MAC as I don't trust the MAs judgement.

The Beauty Bargainista said...

I just recently purchased my first mac concealer and I really like it, but I think I want to try the BB now too! :)

Phoebe Limanta said...

i've heard that the studio finish concealer is great at blemishes but for under eye area you should try the select moisturecover because it's more.. well.. moisturizing lol

i wanted to get that one but they were out at my mac store so i went with prescriptives camouflage cream and i love it! it doesn't settle into fine lines, covers great and doesn't dry out my eye area :) just another brand to think about when you run out of the bb one :D

Cynthia Z said...

Yay...n we have a winner!!hehe..this concealer is perfecto on u. N yeah most MA's don't know anything..n talk out of their a** only concerned about makin a sale n their commission :\ So it's good that BB Ma's were not useless :D

The Beautifier said...

I am yet to try these concealers, I am using the Revlon one and I find it ok, but the BB concealer looks so natural on you! and the colour match is absolutely spot on! xoxo

Divija Reddy said...

great info, shifa :) i never used concealers though, to b honest

Inner Belle said...

great review!

i love my mac studio finish for everywhere on my face and for my under eyes i love the mac select cover up, it conceals really well and such a creamy texture. Laura mercier does one which is kind of between the two consistencies, i use it on people quite alot - thick and creamy.

on a side note i absolutely hated the studio sculpt concealer, i was so unsatisfied i took it back! mind you the sculpt foundation on the other hand i absolutely love!

Sheefa F said...

@Inner Belle - thanks for the suggestion hun! I will def try the laura mercier one and the studio sculpt foundation =)

Sheefa F said...

@Divija - Wow ur one lucky gurl! *jealous* hehe

Sheefa F said...

fankew cynthia and sonali ♥♥

Sheefa F said...

@phoebe - I'l def give the moisturecover a try =)

Lipglossiping said...

I really like that set with the MAC Studio Fix, great find!

Divija Reddy said...

jealous? hmmm...I thought ppl wud laught at me coz I dont know how to use them and wen i hear ppl talking abt concealers, i feel i am the odd one out :)

Sheefa F said...

Jealous coz I gues u dun need concealers! =) and we guys have to work so hard 2 cover em :(

Zara said...

Hey just to let you know I nominated you+your lovely blog.. for a
i <3 your blog award :)


Lots of Love

Karen Law said...

The Bobbi Brown concealer looks great on your skintone. Great review!
I haven't used any MAC concealers and unfortunately Bobbi Brown is not sold at stores here in Toronto that I know of. I'm currently using my Makeupforever concealer. It's not bad - it's really really thick though so sometimes I have difficulty spreading it and blending it into my skin. I still have a lot to go before it finishes up so I'm not sure what I'll get next!

Nerissa Kristen said...

You need to try Touche Éclat by YSL ... I have never seen an under-eye concealer that goes on so invisibly but has an amazing luminous effect. The girl at neimans put it on me and I was utterly changed. I had no undereye drama(middle eastern decent, so this is inherited)

Hallebose said...

Thanks for this review. Make up certainly hides a lot of blemishes and spot effectively. I am glad that you pointed out that it may not the the best beauty product to use under the eyes because of the damage it might do.




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