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Satellite3 Cosmetics - One Giant Leap For Makeup!

Lipstick Swatch

How cute!

Lipstick in action!

Eyeshadow swatches - lovely!

Eyeshadow duo

Eyeshadow duo outer cover

Fancy a flying saucer?

The products I received!

Satellite3 - One Giant Leap For Makeup! This is this innovative brands tagline which I think suits them completely. I was sent some samples of this new brand by their lovely PR who was generous enough to do so. I was very amazed when I first visited their website as it was a whole new concept to me and I have never seen space inspired cosmetics before (I KNOW!). They make powder eyeshadow duos which can be selected according to which shade one wants and make a tailor made duo which I believe is super cool :D

The duo I received was a hot pink and a metal grey and I really never expected to be this good quality. As you can see from swatches above they seem extremely pigmented and are of superb quality. The hot pink is a matte color and the steel grey is a shimmery color but not so obvious with chunky glitter and all. The matte color is a fushia pink and surprisingly not chalky at all unlike all matte eyeshadows.

This color goes on super silky and smooth and the consistency is great! I would truely recommend it to anyone looking for high quality matte eyeshadows as I know its hard to find them and even MAC sometimes does not live up to it! As to the shimmery color, its super finely milled and goes on smooth and velvety again with great consistency. Both go on easily without a base too however using it over a base will make a difference so do use it for sure.

The Lipstick I received looks like a pinky peach on the outside but glides on as a bright barbie pink on the lips. Its lovely to wear during the nights or even the day if toned down with a lipgloss. Infact I believe this wont seem that bright on fairer skin tones and will be lovely for daily wear. The consistency of it is very light and sheer and can be easily buildable.

The texture is very creamy and lipglossy and hence leaves a nice dewy lip rather than drying them out like most of the Mac Lipsticks I have tried till date. But most importanty, look at the packaging of the lipstick people!!! I was OMGing when I looked at it! :O I find it super cute and funky and like no other. Plus imaging having funky cosmetics layed out on your dresser :D I would soo do that! hehe.

Also the packaging of the eyeshadow is uber cute and innovative! The names of each of these products are so innovative and alluring too. I mean how cute is 'Caught with a cosmonaut'!!! I can see that the product development has been given so much work into. However I doubt people still know about this brand as even I found it recently.

I believe the quality of the products are very similar to Nars and Illamasqua and I believe this will be the next to join these brands in their league. I found these lipsticks were better than Mac and their eyeshadows were comparable to Illamasqua and Nars. They are a bit on the pricey side however the quality is totally worth it! So do try it out guys for sure and let me know how it goes :D
Eyeshadow dou - Caught with a cosmonaut and Dalek Doll
Lipstick - Oscula Mayor

Nicole said...

i love the idea behind this brand! Love the spaceship packaging!

dez said...

that is awesome XD

Gaby Fauchon said...

Aww those products look totally cute!

I'm following your blog (=

The Beautifier said...

Hey!!The spaceship concept is kinda cool!

beautyparler said...

How cute is that packaging! Love it:)

Sheefa F said...

Yes I totally agree gurlies!
I am a sucker for packaging and these babies are awesome that way

Lu - The Pink Bandit said...

I've got some Satellite 3 cosmetics sat waiting to review hehe. All those colours you've shown do look lovely, especially the pink eyeshadow. Will be putting that on my wishlist! x




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