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MORE BLOG AWARDS~! Please check if you're nominated :)

The gorgeous Jo nominated me for some awards!!! Yayyy!

It’s always a pleasure to receive such awards as they come across as a form of appreciation from fellow bloggers = D
So here are my 7 random things...

- I used to be freaked out with feathers once (yikes!)
- I despised wearing makeup even occasionally when I was young and took every bit off whatever my mum had applied on my face...teehee (how ironic is that! Lol)
- People always mistook me and my sister as twins when we were young just coz we used to be dressed up similarly at times :p
- I never practice what I preach (I try though :s)
- I prefer my hair styled as curly and volumised as opposed to straight and flat, as I reckon curls add much more glamour to any look!
- I have been passionate about makeup since more than 6 years, however It’s been only a year since I started using MAC as I had a preconception that it was an unapproachable brand only for MA’s...hehe
- I have never been to IMATS and would love to go to IMATS 2010!!! :) Any of you's up for it?
The 7 bloggers I tag are,

- Asian Beautifier
- Innerbelle
- Jobetterdays
- Big hair Bigger Lashes
- IDreamOfMac
- Pyxie
- Do Not Refreeze

Sorry gurlies if you have been re-tagged :S In that case, simply pass the award to others :D
Any of you’s are also free to do this if you wish...:D
Rules:- Just mention the person who tagged you on your blog, list 7 random things related to you ofcoz and pass the award to 7 bloggers...let them know of the tag though :)

Inner Belle said...

Thanks for this hun!! iv done this tag before but YES i have been thinking about the IMATS 2010 and i am defo up for it!!!

The Beautifier said...

Hey Shifa! I liked reading these random facts about you!
BTW, thanks for nominating me for the awards sweetie :)


The Beautifier said...

OMG! I just noticed that your blog crossed 200 followers!!! Congrats gorgeous! Planning for another giveaway right?! ;)

Calia Yang said...

it's good to know a bit more about ya. glad you got over the whole feather thing. ^_^

Nicole said...

thank you for tagging me ! will do this ASAP :)

Sheefa F said...

all you gurlies are so sweet! thanks for the support guys...its coz of you that I managed to reach 200 :D although the amount of followers dont matter, but its always good 2 nw more ppl like to read my blog =)

@Innerbelle - I so hope I can make it dis tym..its always near my exam time :(

@The beautifier - yes hun I will plan another one shortly, I gues near 300 hehe (hopefully!)

Toothfairy said...

I hated wearing make up as well, when I was a kid! my mom used to make me look like some doll :S


~Lisa said...

Congratz on the awards, dear!




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