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Mini Brush and Lippy haul + No more Back 2 MAC? :(

So I had empty MAC containers available (yes i depotted finally using sticky tape hehe) and so gave it at a MAC counter to get a Lippy in return for it :D In case some one does not know, Back to Mac is Mac's recycling programme where you give them any 6 plastic containers and you can get a free lippy in return (or even a e/s depending on your store) So dont throw away those used containers ladies!

I had in mind that I wanted a lustre lipstick from Mac as otherwise their formulas are pretty drying on me! I checked some swatches on http://karlasugar.blogspot.com/ (this is the best blog in town for swatches guys) and really liked Mac Lustre Lipstick in 'Jubilee'. Its nothing special as I tend to play safe with lipsticks but its a gorgeous nude brown perferct for everyday wear. Its a perfect nude with a hint of color so it does not look as if I am wearing concealer on my lips!!!

Also I am really liking the lustre finish as its so glossy and creamy and tends to go on sheer, hence can be built up gradually. Also you dont need a lip gloss over this as its already dewy/glossy (not overtly though!)

Also what I got recently were these super cute cosmopolitan brushes (I love white handled brushes :D ) You can get them from Debenhams or Boots I believe. They are of pretty decent quality. The eyeshadow one is very similar to body shops eyeshadow brush and is good for packing on pigments. I also tend to use it for concealer due to its stiffness.

The lip brush however is uber awesome! Its a taklon/synthetic brush and is a flat rectangle shape. It picks up just the right amount and gives such a natural finish on the lips! Also its a portable/travel brush :D Trust me, always use a brush to apply your lippies and you'l notice the difference in the consistency.

Another worrying thing that the MA at MAC (Selfridges Oxford St.) told me today was that they are going to stop doing Back to Mac after Christmas this year as 'they cant afford to recycle anymore'. I had just gotten into all this depotting e/s's and stuff and I cant believe they are ending this whole recycling thing :(

Now that we are talking about lippies, do check out Erica's Giveaway here, http://ricahx15.blogspot.com/2009/10/100-follower-giveaway.html

She's giving away NYX Lippies :D

Hope you guys are all well!

UPDATE: I did back to Mac recently and they did let me, so may be the MA did not knowher stuff right!
Lisa Kate said...

They can't afford it anymore? What the? That seems pretty ridiculous to me, but other than that, I don't have any info for you!

I love love love that lipcolor!

Love★Noreen said...

love the mac lipstick color!!!

Nicole said...

that lipstick is gorgeous!

Leanne said...

I've wondered what the cosmopolitan brushes are like - thanks! :D
They 'can't afford' to recycle anymore? Bullshit, they don't pay a damn penny, they GET it recycled! They probably just don't wanna give out free stuff anymore :( lame! haha.
Hey are you going to Selfridges tomorrow to see Nic (Pixiwoo) do a demo at the Illamasqua counter? If you are twitter me @donotfreeze :D

Sheefa F said...

@Leanne - i fink they mean they cant afford to give more free stuff! hehe...which is sooo lame :X coz 6 gooodies = 1 free stuff which is profit for em! but nywz..

n i would love to see nic! but have uni unfortunately :( u hv fun gal! n tk pics for us =)

Sheefa F said...

@ Lisa kate - i agree it is kinda ridiculous! lets hope it aint true :p hehe

~Lisa said...

Nooo! Please don't end the Back 2 MAC thing! And how can they not "afford" it when their products are selling at such high prices? Pssh!

Great lipstick btw. I really like it and I'd definitely wear it everyday. ^^

Anonymous said...

i just B2Med too and got lustering, a sheer mid-pink! :)

but what's this, NO MORE BACK 2 MAC??? GAH! why so frugal, MAC??

Eternally Fixated said...

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Tottering along said...

It'd be OK if they stopped B2M if they started selling pan shadows and blushes at all stores and counters.

Rosie xx xx

Virtues of Beauty said...

The reason they are stopping B2M in the UK is because they cannot afford to keep running the program!

They were using two different companies to recycle empties, but want to use only one, but cannot find one in the UK that excepts both plastic and metal products (or something like that I forget the reason) therefore it became less cost effective as they have to use two different companies! In the end they opted to incinerate the empties instead, but this defeats the purpose of B2M, hence why they are stopping it altogether!




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