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Vibrating Mascara?! :O Interesing...

I recently got sent Maybelline’s Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara in Vibrant Black and thought of doing a review of it for you guys :) It comes in a Black and gold packaging which seems rather elegant topped with a transparent battery casing on the top of the applicator. Speaking about functionality, its relatively easy to use; simply place the wand at the base of the lashes and keep the button pressed for the vibrating motion to be activated.

In terms of the formulation of the mascara, it’s pretty thick and lush and the consistency seems very glossy. On application I found, it only requires one or two coats to the most as it transformed my lashes in the first go! As soon as the formulation touches the lashes it puts on it a thick glossy ultra black coating. This is not the best mascara to achieve volume; however what this does best is provide tremendous length and curl! I mean I already have pretty long lashes and this baby exaggerates them and provides a glam false lash effect.

Does the vibration actually work? I would say the vibration is kind of effective as without it the mascara clumped a lot (yikes!!) On the whole, I pretty much liked the formulation and would say you should give it a go if you want to achieve the false lash effect or are on the look for a new mascara to give you some length and curl. Boots are doing a 3 for 2 on all beauty products these days, so grab this baby for a bargain while it lasts.

RRP - £14.67

Overall Rating – 3.5/5 = Yay! :D
The Beautifier said...

Hey! Your lashes look extraordinary with this mascara!
I would love to get my hands on this but I just now got myself a new mascara so I would be sticking to it for sometime before trying out this cute newbie xx

ShakeupYourMakeup! said...

This mascara looks beautiful on your lashes! I've used this too and really do like it - especially when I'm in a hurry! Thanks for the review!

Sheefa F said...

@ the beautifier - yes hun do try it once ur dun using up ya current purchase :)

Victoria said...

I have got this but haven't got round to testing it yet. But everyone seems to really like it! x

beautyparler said...

I did a review of this on my blog too! But you liked it more than I did:)I wasn't crazy about the vibrating effect, actually I prefer using it without because I find it clumps. BTW you have gorgeous lashes:)

Andhari said...

You have such pretty lashes! Have your lashes always been long? Because I'm afraid just like any maybelline mascaras, they're just giving more definition to your lashes. I have short eyelashes, typical south east asian lol.

ps. thanks for following my blog.

Sheefa F said...

aww luv ya blog andhari..its supa kewl :D
n yes my lashes have always been like that luckily :) but trust me this mascara will exxagerate the shortest of lashes!

MEVISH said...

I've been looking a review on this every where thank you so much! :) your lashes look rather full & thick I must try it

Sheefa F said...

awww fanks a lot mevish!
m glad i cud help ♥




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