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Quick Read: UDPP vs MAC Paintpots

Mac Painterly Paintpot:-

- Provides a good neutral canvas for eyeshadows
- Has a nice fleshtoned pigmented color which evens out eyelid discoloration
- Helps to make eyeshadow colors look vibrant
- There is a lot of product you get for a tenner (it will last a lifetime approx)
- It does make shadow colors last by making them adhere to it
- But only for an hour or two!!!! It creases like hell people and my shadow fades in 3 hours as if I have nothing on

My take - get it if you are planning to use this OVER some eyeshadow base to even out your lids or make your shadows 'pop'


- This is a nude colored cream which glides on effortlessly
- It provides no color on the lids, just an even surface
- It makes eyeshadow colors appear super vibrant
- It adheres to the shadow like glue!
- I tested its staying power and it kept the shadows in place for without creasing or fading for 8 hours :o
- However you get very less product for the price :S

My take - Please get this guys! It will be worth the money. Plus you can get this baby for cheaper on ebay and all too :D

What are your favourite shadow primers gurlies?
Crissy said...

I really want UDPP. all of my e/s comes off within a hour x]

maya said...

I am currently using Artdeco's eyeshadow base and Two Faced Shadow Insurance. I love them both. I do find that Artdeco creases slightly faster. It has a subtle sheen to it which is nice when wearing matte eyeshadows. Gives the matte shadows a bit of a sheen.

TFSI is great. I love it. First time i got it and I am satisfied with it. However, I do think it's overpriced for the amount you get. :(

Like UDPP my eyeshadow also last for a good 8-10 hours with TFSI. Slightly less with Artdecos eyeshadow base.

Shifa said...

ohhh never heard of artdeco's! :O i guess thats not available in the uk :s
but i do wana try TFSI!
i have heard great things about it
especially the fact the TFSI comes in a tube and not a hard-to-use genie bottle is tempting hehe

twinsouls888 said...

Tns for this post, very helpful. Very nice blog, I followed you :)

maya said...

Not sure if you can get Artdeco in the UK. I had mine sent from Germany. It costs 8 Euros.

The stupid Genie Bottle was the reason why I decided against UDPP. :)

Shifa said...

@twinsouls888 - thanks a tonne for following gurl! Love ya blog too :D

Shifa said...

@maya - ohh wow 8 euros! dats like 7 pounds = awesome price :D
UDPP does cost a fortune for what you get :S but ohh well! Just like the others I guess I'l have to cut the bottle apart too hehehe




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