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Ruby & Millie, Make up on the go - A Review

This makeup kit is by Ruby & Millie and I guess its only available in the UK. Its called make up on the go and comes with five travel size brushes which come in a brush bag, a travel mirror and a makeup palette. The makeup palette contains two blushes and a highlighter, 10 eyeshadows, 5 lip colors and 4 metallic cream colors. It retails for 50 quid in boots.

On talking about good things of the kit first! I lovvee the chic red leather casing! It is just so sturdy and of such good quality and this applies to the brush case too. The brushes that come with it were of considerably good quality. It comes with a mini foundation brush, blush brush, eyeliner brush, lip brush and an eyeshadow brush. I really love the foundation brush before and the eyeliner brush out of these.

I did not have a foundation brush and this one being travel size is just perfect for concealing and foundation. The eyeliner brush is very similar to one of MAC's and is so precise that you'l never go wrong with it. I simply adored the brushes and were a good addition to my collection :)

Now coming to the horrendous part! :S The makeup palette is just a waste of money!! The blushes are of such low quality, powdery, chalky and dont blend at all. They just sat on my skin looking all wierd. I have never used or come accross such cheap quality blushes ever :O

I was really excited about the metallic cream colors as the shades resembled some from the Illamasqua sirens collection. But these turned out to be soo nasty that they did not even turn up on my eyes! They had no adhesive power at all and simply melted into my skin like cream without giving any color :(

The eyeshadows on the other hand were decent, well atleast they showed up. There are a lot of eyeshadow colors here that I do not possess and hence I can just use them to create fun looks. I am not much of a lip person and thus cant judge the quality of these lip colors, but on the whole they were pigmented and applied decently.

On the whole, this set was only worth the quality casing and the brush set! I wonder if Ruby & Millie even through the quality check or approval process of the makeup palette. Its a ripoff for £50! Probably a makeup newbie would be happy with this but those who have used even one MAC product wouldn't use this at all. So I would recommend you not to be decieved by the superficiality of this kit and waste your money on it but rather save it for some quality goodies :)

Ondine said...

Oh no - sorry you had to find out this was rubbish after buying it! At least you got some good brushes out of it. Perhaps you can remove the makeup palette bit and use the case for something else.

Sheefa F said...

hehe yea i loove the casing :) so m def gna use it 4 travel :)




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