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Mini Mac Haul!

So I recently picked these little darlings from a MAC counter and all of them are absolutely lovely on their own, or paired with each other!

* Vanilla Pigment - This is such a delight to use you guys! Although I always thought vanilla was a matte white :S but anyways this is such a gorgeous neutral overall lid color and really brightens up the eye immediately. Its gorgeous as a highligher or for an overall face glow. I use this every single day and its a beauty. How did I live without this?! Plus the jar will last a lifetime I gues...hehe

* Woodwinked Eyeshadow - This one is another stunner! :O Its the most subtle, elegant, toned down, day time wearable gold I've ever seen :) It would look absolutely lovely on any body plus the pigmentation is awesome. I particularly love the veluxe pearl finishes! This and satin taupe together work wonders :O

* Satin taupe Eyeshadow - This a typical taupe color with a lot of red undertones to it and its perfect as a crease color with almost any eyeshadow if you do not want a very dark crease color and want to keep it toned down. Again, amazing consistensy, silky smooth and will last ages!

* Expensive Pink Eyeshadow - This I guess would be my least favourite of them all. I got it off ebay and hence the limited edition packaging. Its a very unique pinky gold color, but kind of washes me out and makes my eyes look slightly puffy or tired :S Thus I havent been reaching much for it :S

However this would look much better on darker skintones and I would recommend you to wear it as a crease color rather that an overall lid color, maybe alongside vanilla, so that it does not give a washed out effect.

Overall, I am thrilled with this purchase :D All these shadows look fab paired with vanilla pigment and do look out for the veluxe pearl finishes as they are simply gorgeous.
Monica said...

Very nice,Great haul! Would love to see you do some looks with these fab colors! Pass my and say hi sometime :)

Shifa said...

ohh yes definately will do some! n will pass by too :)

maya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
maya said...

I also have satin taupe and woodwinked. they are both soo lovely!
I did see expensive pink at the MAC store yesterday and I was wondering if I would really wear it all that often. Can you maybe post a picture of a swatch on your eyes? :)

Shifa said...

ohh yes ofcoz i can! :)




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