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MAC 109 Brush

I couldn't resist buying this brush for my birthday haul after hearing a gazilliion amazing reviews about it. I wanted to get it from quite a while but couldnt justify spending £20 for a brush which I had no idea what I was going to use for?!

I love MAC brushes generally and till date possess a 239, 217, 187 and 116 and love them all. I havent come accross many people on youtube or on beauty blogs disliking the 109 but shocking as it may seem, I regret to differ from my fellow beauty geeks on this buy.

First of all, I could not find a use for this brush!!! It was too dense for blush, a bit broad for contour, a bit too small for mineral foundation and so on.... Its basically a mini kabuki brush with an extra long handle which can mainly (and only!) be used to buff in products. I agree it is lovely for liquid foundation, but unfortunaltely I dont use that on a regular basis.

I use powder foundation and it was fairly decent with that, not to forget very tiring due to it being small, but it provided more or less the same results that my 116 or any powder brush would offer.

Infact because of its density it just deposited a tad too much on my face and made me look ghastly :O I even heard this was fab for cream blushes and tried it for that too. Again it was fairly decent, nothing spectacular! Infact a 187 or a 188 are simply awesome for that. Regarding quality, ofcourse this was so soft but it did shed a few tiny hairs each day which is a pain to take off.

So overall, I did not have a very pleasant experience with Mac 109 :( Nonetheless I am still keeping it and trying to use it to buff in my products. Do you guys have any suggestions how to use it?
lipstickrules123 said...

I tried to use this for foundation but hated how it shed and left little hairs on my face. Now, I do use to buff in blush and MSFs. One other use is for contouring and for bronzers. It's an okay brush but not my favorite either.

mizzworthy said...

i like using it for applying really loose wash of colour over the eyes, and also i fid it works well for contouring and highlighting - i apply the broduct with the "edge" of the brush, then use the flat part to buff it in... i used to love it for liquid foundation, then it started to shed!

Shifa said...

ohh wow dats gud to know i am not alone in disliking this brush as much hehe...even i use it to buff in my blushes and highlighters but dont like it for bronzers :(

Shifa said...

@mizzworthy - i like your idea of using this for a wash of color on the eyes :) i'l try it 2!

QueenPenelope86 said...

I used an eyelash comb on my 109 at first to remove the shedding but it has stopped now. I always use the 109 to apply my mabylline mouse bronzer, it diffuses the effect as I am very pale skinned.




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