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Concealer Update - Journey from Dermacolor to Boing and back to Dermacolor

So I recently got on the Benefit Boing bandwagon and got totally hooked! At first I found it to be so emolient, creaseproof, longwearing and totally my color but now I have slightly different thoughts lol, well completely opposite thoughts to be honest :S

First of all, the shade 03 is completly not my color and is noticably ORANGE on me. How could I not notice that at first!!! :O Secondly because its very light and creamy, it creases in an hour and vanishes even if I touch it slightly. And Lastly, although its supposedly an 'industrial' concealer, I can still see the black shadow through it which is left there from my glasses.

So after religiously using it for six months, trying hard to love it, I finally gave up on it and realised that it was just not covering ANYTHING. I now am back to my Dermacolor camouflage system creme. Now this one is supposed to cover discoloration, scars and tattoo marks, and trust me guys it actually delivers. This is what I would call an industrial concealer in its true sense.

I used it before too for a year or two but left it for a while as it was to thick and creased slightly. But now that I apply this with a fluffy blending brush and set it with some loose powder, it is literally creaseproof and works wonders! No dark cirles ever peep through this and it lasts a long time.

I would definately recommend this to you guys on the search for the 'perfect' concealer. Now let me tell you this is not a standard concealer and I guess not intended for use under the eyes, but I have used it for about a year and if you use a good moisturiser you will be fine with this. They have this in a wide array of colors and you will definately need some assistance with your perfect match.

You can get this online at kryolan.com or charlesfox.co.uk or at Charles H Fox Ltd. 22 Tavistock Street, Covent Garden LONDON WC2E 7PY.

Let me know if you guys have ever tried something from this brand or if you do in the future :)




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