Victoria Jackson Makeup Haul & Review

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Shimmer powder in bronze - swatch
Eye Gems swatch (I misplaced the third one :S)

I got a Victoria Jackson Makeup Bag with a 12 mini lip gloss set, a 5 piece brush set with case, a shimmer powder brush in bronze, eye gems trio and a beauty tips book :)

Just for your information, Victoria Jackson is a Makeup Artist in Hollywood. I havent heard much of her but the sales person insisted that she does makeup for shows like Desperate Housewives and all.

Also according to them the goody bag is worth over a £100 which I did not believe. I mean I dont blame those people as they have prepared that pitch in advance and their job is to persuade people into buying them. However what matters is that I got a deal for all these products for £20 and I can assure you it is of a pretty decent quality.

The 12 mini lipgloss set - This is my favourite item from the bag and is any makeup lovers dream! The lipglosses are about 2 inch in size. It would be a sin to compare their quality to that of MAC or Nyx as these are WAY too good. I would compare them to Illamasqua or Nars Lipglosses. They are uber pigmented, non sticky, very thick in consistency and glide like a dream.

They are so thick and pigmented that you only need one swipe all over your lips and the rest you can set with with your lip brush. They have a ultra shimmery consistency and look super glossy on application. Only 4 colors are non-shimmery many of which are the reds. I never thought I would use all the colors however they are so flattering that I love them all equally. I especially love the reds in this set, as there is a warm deep red, a bright orangey red and a true blood red. The non-shimmery teracotta color would be universally flattering IMO.

100 % Addicted :)

The 5 piece brush set - Now this is not the best brush set in the world, however thrown in with this £20 goody bag - I so dont mind! The foundation brush and the face blender brush are awesome and super soft. The face blender brush is unique white brush and is in between MAC 109 and 168 brushes. The eye brushes are simply OKAY and I have so many already so I wont be using these.

Shimmer powder brush in bronze - I believe The Body Shop do a similar product but as I dont own any like it, I really dont mind it. Its a super shimmery golden bronze color that would be great to apply lightly on the face for parties. It comes with a soft brush on the top which does help. It would work better for application on the body though.

Eye gems trio - I am not very fond of these products as I have never been a fan of eyeshadow sticks. It comes in a pearly white, a shell pink and a charcoal color. They are pretty creamy in consistency but I would not use this as a base as it would crease. To highlight the inner corners of the eye or the browbone - it would definately work best. I believe these are similar to MAC Shadesticks or Benefit's Eye bright or High brow.

Beauty tips booklet - I am not a fan of reading about makeup but this little booklet is pretty informative in some ways. I has different sections about various areas of the face and little 'how-to' sections on them.

Some people on the net think the sales rep selling VJ stuff is a con and all. However let me assure you its just decent quality makeup for less, not a con. I would totally recommend the mini lipgloss set - ebay it, google it, whatever colour you can find - get your hands on it!

Overall 4/5 - Great high-end packaging, very similar to Bobbi Browns and pretty decent products :)


MAC Fix Plus Spray - You Like?

I wanted to buy this product from quite a while after all the raving I had heard of it from beauty bloggers and youtubers. According to Mac, its a vitamin enriched spray which refreshes your makeup throughout the day and gives some amount of moisture to your skin.

I am kind of skeptical about this purchase. I mean I really like the fact that it does give me dewy skin in seconds. It will be particularly useful for those who wear powder or mineral powder foundations and want to avoid the cakey looking pores. Two to three sprays are more than enough and you will look glowing as ever! I can see myself carrying this with me to uni and spraying it in midday to refresh my makeup.

I really adore its cucumber enriched fragrance too. The fact that you get 100ml for £11 also seems justifiable when you compare it to dupes such as The Body Shop Vitamin E face mist which also retails for around £8. I mean why not get MAC eh? I am kind of a pretence that way :p

However I seriously doubt the fact that it will penetrate several layers of my makeup and hydrate my skin?! I assume they meant that to apply to bare skin which actually works. It does act like a light moisturiser when applied on bare skin prior to applying makeup.

It is quite multitasking if mixed with powder eyeshadows and pigments to apply them wet. Although I really think even eyedrops work for that purpose. (Yes I have tried that too)

On the whole, I genuinely belive this is a fancy indulgence which anyone can do without. I doubt I'll repurchase this not because I dont like it but because I have seen similar 'refreshing' results with rose water, Revlon Skinlights Illuminator or even plain water!

Any of you's who like this product to death? Any more potential uses for it you suppose?

Hope you beautiful people had a lovely Christmas and Hope you have a safe New Year :D


NYX Brown = Mac Soba/Soft Brown

This is quite a decent swatch representing the cool toned brown it is
Okay this does not represent the actual colour well but oh well!
I recently found a counter for discounted NYX Cosmetics on my trip to Leicester. It was a House of Fraser outlet store which had Nyx, Lancome, Too Faced and many more brands for less. However I was hooked on to the NYX counter as its really really difficult to find one in the UK!

They stocked up everything from eyeshadows and jumbo lip pencils which are quite pretty I must say, but I did not get them as I have already ordered one in Soft Fushia which is supposed to be a sister to the very famous Nyx 'thalia' lipstick. So do try it out guys if you havent yet!

Coming to the point, I wanted to get quite a few shadows but was on a budget so just got one called 'Brown' as I wanted a similar colour from ages! Its a gorgeous unique cool toned brown, more like a 'cement' brown which works as a lovely colour in creating the gradiation effect in smokey eyes.

By cool toned I mean it has no chocolate brown or bronze undertones to it, it has more like pale yellow undertones which and its pretty light a colour hence will work amazingly to define the crease area without looking too garish. Its definately a dupe for Mac Soba or/and Mac Soft brown which I was eyeing from since a while but could not justify spending £10 on. I got the NYX one for about £3.50!

Obviously to create a gorgeous look like Rihanna's above you would need a bronze colour all over your lid but to create a gradual transition above the crease, a colour such as Nyx's Brown would be essential. Those of you's who were looking for a soft brown colour for less, this would be the one for :)


♥ 2009 Beauty Favourites ♥

Its always fun to recall the discoveries we made this year and those that actually worked for us. Mine are stated below.

E45 Body Lotion
- I used Vaseline religiously for years however I did not like the fact that my skin absorbed it immediately. This baby is lovely light moisturizer which helps in keeping skin supple and hydrates. Nothing can beat it for under £3!

Loreal Elvive Re-Nutrition Leave in fluid - I have mentioned this quite a few times and it is still my favourite. It is the king of all serums! It can be used on dry and damp hair and it effectively prevents dryness and frizz leaving a healthy sheen.

Body Shop Shea Karite Lip Butter - This stuff leaves a milky sheen on application but if you keep the lips pressed for a minute after application, it will be fully absorbed and will hydrate and repair lips no matter what they condition. It mends my chapped lips overnight!

Bobbi Brown Corrector - This stuff was my favourite concealer this year. With the correct peachy colour, luminous finish and super creamy texture, it was just made for my dry skin and was totally worth the £16. Trust me ladies you can ditch Mac for this!

Mac Studio Tech - I literally finished two of these in a few months! It replaced the mineral foundation I had been religiously using since years. Its provides model like skin perfect for photography and HD and its truely addictive regarding its full coverage and dewy finish. Two thumps up ♥♥ Ladies with dry skin, this is the product for you.

Illamasqua Bronzer Duo in Glint and Writhe - I actually wasnt very fond of this when I bought it. However this was one of those products that I rediscovered recently and have been addicted since then. I have even started hitting pan on it which is pretty unlikely for me to do so on cheek products. It is perfect for those of you's who hate pinky-red blushes as it imparts a true bronze glow and it comes with a complimenting peachy colour which makes a gorgeous sunkissed highlight.

Boots Lip Liner in Caramel - I love wearing this matte lipliner all over the lips lightly for that hint of colour. Its a browny red hydrating colour and truely compliments my skintone well. The matte colour gives the appearance that I am not wearing any lip product, which I actually like :) Quite a bargain when boots are doing 2 for 1!

Mac BlackTrack Fluidline - I used to despise wearing eyeliner before only because I could never get it right. This gel liner makes life much easier and lines the eyes with precison. The ink black colour is a bonus too and can be used to creat anything from subtle to dramatic looks. This pot will last you a lifetime and it totally worth every penny.

Epicare/Spring it - This spring hair remover tool is just the best in town for facial hair removal. It pains much less than threading or waxing and removes hair in minutes. It leaves a smooth finish on the skin and no dark shadows too. I used to struggle to remove hair using a tweezer before but no more. I dont know how I lived without this!

Eyeshadows - As far as shadows go I did find quite a few this year that really worked for me. Some of them being Mac's Texture, Warming trend, Club and Nobility.

What were your beauty favourites this year?

Feel free to do a post on this or simply comment below :)


Hair Extensions?!

After seeing gorgeous before and after natural results using hair extensions on Patukiii's blog (NOT the picture above!), I decided even I wanted to join the bandwagon and feel the bliss of super long gorgeous hair in minutes.

I am planning to invest in a 16 or 18" extension, which I can sport on a family ocassion in February next year. I will definately be opting for the 'clip in' hair extentions as they are the easiest to use and tangle much less. As far as I know, they come in a band like form which simply needs to be clipped in between layers to assure safety.

However creepy it may sound, I will be going for human hair extentions as they can be curled and straightened efficiently. As for the colour, I am not sure yet but I am debating between a soft black brown which will exactly match my current hair colour, or a warm dark blonde which will create a two toned or a highlight effect in the lower part of the hair making it appear slightly funky.

I know many of you's may have already tried extensions or may know of someone who has. You may just have more information then me to help me out in making a purchase!

So let me know your experiences guys. What brands are best and what are not, where to best get them from - ebay seller suggestions perhaps? I am open to all price ranges but not overtly extravagent please - I am a student at the end of the day :) teehee


I frequently read your blog!

I was tagged by the ever so glamorous Cheryl from Cheryl's Beauty Blog for this tag!

Its as simple as it looks like and is called the 'I frequently read your blog' award where you tag 10 blogs which you frequently read. Let them know that you tagged them though :)

I may not comment all the time but I do read all these blogs! Here are my favourites, which I religiously read come rain or shine...

I tag:

- Delhi's Beauty Addict
- Asian Beautifier
- Lipstick Rules
- Makeup Before Coffee
- Mizz Worthy's Stuff
- Computergirl's Musings
- Beautilicious Love
- IDreamofMac
- Princesa Livia
- Lollipop21

If you havent checked these blogs out yet, hurry and follow them now! Share the love

Obviously I have many other favourite blogs too but I am kinda addicted to the ones stated above.

And if you aint tagged, you can still do the tag and let people know about your favourite blogs eh?

p.s. Omg it actually snowed here today :O hehe :D Wana see more of it!

Kristen Stewart - Get that look!

I have no idea how many Kristen Stewart fans we have here, however I am a big fan of her makeup! I know some people are like, 'Does she even wear any?' lol but thats the key you see! Its so amazing how effortlessly she looks so chic and innocent at the same time. And is this the best smokey brown or what?

The 'hardly there' makeup on the face helps in providing that nude face effect whereas the smoked out dramatic eyes add mystery. Thats what most models on the ramp look like if you notice, they paint their faces pale and add drama just to the eyes.

So as currently I am not in possession of my lovely camera for a while *sob sob* and I dont want to even attempt doing an EOTD with the web cam, I thought of providing you with a breakdown of what I thought Kristen (or her amazing MA's) would use in creating her signature look that she pulls of almost everywhere.

Product list:

-Use UDPP to create a base for your eyeshadows
-Lightly dust a nude e/s colour or face powder over the crease area. This will make blending effortless and will make sure your eyeshadow does not stick immediately in the crease but blends well.
-Apply Mac Nobility or any fleshtoned eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eyes only.
- Apply Mac Club eyeshadow all over the lid as a base colour. This colour has a duochrome effect and hence appears blue or a brown in certain lighting.
- Apply Mac Nobility eyeshadow in the crease just to mark the area you will be using to create a dark crease
- Apply Mac Texture eyeshadow right in the crease with a tapered brush like the 217 and go to and fro dragging the color all over to the inside of the eyes.
- Take a clean fluffy brush like Mac's 224 and blend Mac's texture to above the crease to give that smoked out appearance
- Now line the upper and lower waterline and lashline with Mac Smoulder eye pencil/kohl
- Line the lower lashline with Mac Texture eyeshadow to bring out those green eyes (or any colour!)
- Finish off with a mascara of your choice!

You can obviously substitute colours according to your convinience however I am super sure she uses Mac's Club and Texture eyeshadows before she leaves home :P and frankly speaking I havent even come accross dupes for these two shadows as they are truely unique and must haves!

Anyways hope you enjoyed gurlies and do try this out :)

I will definately do an EOTD on this one sometime in Jan!

Any Kristen Stewart fans? or am I the black sheep here :S


FOTD & Review - Illamasqua Powdered Metal and Cream Blusher

Products sent to me!
Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Betray
Cream blusher swatch - so pretty!
Cream blusher on the cheeks and on lips!
Powdered Metal in BebhionnPowdered metal on the cheeks

I got sent these two gorgeous Illamasqua products for review by the lovely Alex! :) Thank you!

I love recieving Illamasqua products in their lush black envolopes - so chic I tell you.

Both of these products are from their Dystopia range. I love Illamasqua's concept of night glamour makeup and it totally lives up to those expectations by making products in line with its theme.

Cream Blusher - This one is in Betray. As you guys know I am totally drooling over cream blushers these days and was on the moon recieving a new one for my collection. The colour looks so scary in the pan and trust me it is pretty scary when you swatch it too but the trick is to apply a little at a time and then blend well. The best way to blend this is using fingers I found, not a brush!

I would never get this colour in person as it looks so intimidating, but its the most gorgeous berry shade ever. It gives a very flushed look on the cheeks making it perfect for the winter - thats what we need eh! At the same time, the colour feels so elegant and 'grown up' if you know what I mean. I would apply this on the apples on the cheeks during the day for that 'just jogged' look and use it to contour the cheekbones for night outs.

The consistency of the blusher is NOT sticky at all! Shocker I know. Its infact a very light textured cream that dries to a semi matte dewy finish. Coz its not sticky and is light, its super easy to blend it on dry skin unlike some sticky blushers that are tricky to blend (Hello Mac!) and it would totally work on oily skin too due to its non-greasy consistency.

Also, I know its not meant to be worn on lips but I could not resist slapping on this smooth berry colour on my lips. Surprisingly it works there too and provides a dewy, full coverage, moisterising finish just like a lipstick if not better and it looks so glam.

Powdered Metal - I recieved this in a shimmery pink colour called Bebhionn. This is kind of a unique colour as it sometimes appears exactly like Nar's Orgasm blush, giving that super shimmery peachy pinky glow with gold specks and sometimes it appears like a bronzed pink on the cheekbones! I suppose it appears more of a bronzy pink when layered. If used lightly this a definately a much better dupe for orgasm as its much more pigmented and shimmery and makes a lovely highlighter and a blush.

This baby gives that radiant bright look evening out the complexion if worn in the day and gives that bronze goddess look when layered for those night outs. Totally versatile! - It would make a gorgeous wash of colour on the eyes or even a highlighter for the browbone.

Regardless of the fact that I got these to review, these products are so unique and versatile, I have fallen in love with them. I have always been a Illamasqua fan and am totally digging their bronzing duo these days which I bought ages back. If you like what you read and see here, go and grab these products today people and you wont regret!

Sorry for the lack of posts these days lovelies! Its just that exam preps getting on my nerves these days :S Just wish me luck for January! Apologies for the low quality pics and no makeup in the pics above. I dont have my camera with me these days and hence will have to use my webcam for pics for a while.

Get em here, www.illamasqua.com

Cream Blusher - £16
Powdered Metal - £22


Mac 'All that Glitters' dupes and NYX 'Nude'

Sleek palette pink shadow alongside Mac 'All that Glitters' and Nyx 'Nude'

L-R - Sleek e/s (dupe), All that Glitters, Nyx Nude and Coastal Scents Eyeshadow pigment

So I recently purchased two new shadows and am loving one and loving the other one...ermm.. not so much I am afraid! :S Surprisingly the 'other' one other turns out to be everyones all time favourite 'All that Gilitters' Eyeshadow from Mac (I know!).

I had very high hopes from this shadow and got it after hearing so many people drool about. To be honest, I have no idea what the hype is all about? Its just a plain icy pink eyeshadow! I mean its not like 'meh' or something but its not one of those unique colours we expect from Mac. I even found a potential (and cheaper) dupe for it, from our very own Sleek eyeshadow Palette in Storm. Those of you's who have that already must be aware of the shell pink eyeshadow that it contains, well thats it! That colour is highly comparable to the Mac one, plus on a comparison scale you will get a whole palette for under a fiver. It has better pigmentation and contains a more flattering pink hue, its just that I find Sleek eyeshadows crease a lot on me and hence dont use them often.

For all you Nars fanatics, the shell pink colour in the Sleek palette is highly similar to Nars shadow in Nepal too!

If you just want similar colours to 'All that Glitters' then Coastal Scents have some gorgeous Eyeshadow Pigments and they will make great lid colours. They are much more pigmented and glamorous and are great for night outs. The one's that are in line with 'All that Glitters' are 'Bloom' and 'Rose Sparks'. These are loose pigment eyeshadows and hence can be built up for intensity.

Coming on to a more positive purchase I made, I am totally in love with NYX's Nude Eyeshadow, despite the fact that this colour is no special and is very similar to my skintone and hence could be replicated by any loose powder lol. However I adore their satin buttery consistency and overall finish. Its the perfect nude eyeshadow with a bit of yellow and beige undertones to it and is uber pigmented. It makes a great natural browbone highlight too as I am not very fond of over the top white stripes on the browbone! Makes an amazing blending colour as well, to fade away darker colours in the crease. Definately a keeper for the price! Two thumbs up ♥♥

Have you tried any of these shadows?


Eyeko Eyepencils and Eyeliner Pen - Gorgeous Christmas Treats!

Stuff I got sent to review! :)
Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen
Swatches: Electric Purple/Plum, Black Glitter/Silver, Graffite Eyeliner pen
Graffiti Eyeliner Pen on the upper lashline, Black Glitter eye pencil on lower waterline and electric purple eye pencil on the lower lashline
Silver eye pencil in the inner corner and Plum eye pencil on the lid

I was recently sent these uber cute Eyeko products to review. This time it was all the eye stuff which I am usually not much keen on at all as they are hardly ever pigmented! But as soon as I swatched the black one on my hand, it was the darkest black I had ever seen :O I absolutely love love love the pigmentation of these 'Line and Shine' pencil duo's. The shades I got were Electric purple/Plum and Black Glitter/Silver. My favourites are Black Glitter and Electric purple as they are the most pigmented and intense. I dont think they would make decent bases as they do crease due to being pretty creamy in consistency. My favourite use for them is for lining the lower lashline, as it adds a refreshing hint of colour without being over the top. Coz they are so pigmented, creamy and easy to apply I also love them on the waterline.

I was also sent their Graffiti Eyeliner Pen and am drooling on this product right now! I have to admit that Eyeko has definately improved its quality and this product has surpassed my expectations of it. I mean this can line the lashline in seconds and its the darkest ink black colour ever. Trust me, it has replaced Mac's Blacktrack Fluidline for me as it is way darker than that and provides a similar matte black finish (dare I say better!). It lasted me 8 hours without a touchup and is even waterproof. The felt tip pen is a bit thick people seem to complain but I apply it using only the fine tip and it seems to draw a precise line for me. What more would you ask for £5? Definately makes an entry in my makeup bag :)

These would make gorgeous and affordable Christmas treats and would not disappoint :)

Get it here www.eyeko.com

Graffiti Eyeliner Pen - £5

Line and Shine pencil duo's - £3.50


Healthy Locks - 101

I have no idea why I ever dont write about hair, because surprisingly enough I have been equally into hair as much as makup! Well better late then never eh..
I used to straighten my hair every single day for about 15 minutes (atleast!) to create that poker straight look. However then I noticed a huge damage in the texture of my hair which started looking rather dry and coarse and what worried me the most was that extensive straightening actually stunned the growth of my hair.
I have considerably wavy slightly frizzy hai. Since 6 months now, I decided to cut down on the amount of time I straighen my hair.
How I do this? I have two techniques which I swear by
- I straighten a quater of my hair starting from the roots, so that it calms down the frizz on the top and leave the rest of them as they are, i.e. naturaly wavy (as seen in the first pic). I love extra volume, so I simply tease the upper section of my hair for that extra oomph. However be gentle to your hair while teasing, let the hairspray work its magic. OR
- Instead of straigtening my hair which occupies a lot of time, I simply straighten my fringe/bangs, tease it and add some hairspray and then curl the ends (as seen in the second pic). I dont make a lot of effort in this as my hair is naturaly wavy and volumised. I love how curls add that glamour quotient to any look and definately suit me more than my straight locks IMO.
The reason for the less damage is that, with curls I dont attempt to achieve a 'perfect' look and tend to curl a chunk of hair only once as it lasts long too, eventually forming a loose wave. It has noticibly caused less damage (almost none) to the end of my hairs, as the way I curl my hair, it does not apply much heat to the ends avoiding those disasterous splitends. I have seen a significant improvement in growth and overall texture of my locks in this period.
I have been sporting this look regularly from almost half a year how and am totally in love with it as its just so fresh and different, not to forget much beneficial for the growth and health of my hair.
Products I swear by:
- Loreal Elvive Re-nutrition Nourishing Fluid (leave in)
- Tresemme Thermal Recovery - Intensive repair and rehydration treatment
- Charles Worthington Dream Hair - Thickening Shampoo
- Loreal Elvive Re-nutrition - Conditioner
- Loreal Elnett Hairspray
Let me know your tips, experiences and any product recommendations :)
p.s I also have stopped dying my hair = less damage & black hair = Thumbs up!


Stila Convertible Color - Product Rave

Just wanted to rave about this product that I have been religiously using from a week or so.

As you know already, I am kinda crazy about cream blushes these days as they are just about perfect for the winter hence this purchase.

Its a pretty unique 'milky' peachy pink color. Dont be decieved by how it looks in the pan as it provides a fresh radiant flush on the cheeks without there being too much pink!

You can apply it with your fingers and just pat to blend. It comes with an inbuilt mirror and hence great for whey you're on the go. It applies best with a 187 or a 116 though.

I love the consistency - although its kinda sticky, it blends easily and lasts all day literally. Pigmentation wise - its pretty pigmented so its best to use it sparingly or else you'l end up looking overtly glowy.

You can use it on your lips too and it provides the most gorgeous nude peach lips. Surprisingly it gives more coverage than a lipstick but make sure you use it on moisturised lips as it can be slightly drying.

On the whole, Stila Convertibles are must-haves and multifunctional. I am planning to stock up on other shades soon. In my 'drool list' are Convertibles in Poppy and Lillium :)

Overall a 5/5 product



Bobbi Brown vs Mac - Concealers

Bobbi brown corrector in peach
Top Left - No concealer
Bottom Left - With BB concealear
Top Right - BB concealer set with Mac studio fix powder
Bottom Right - BB concealer set with Illamasqua Highlighter powder (Glint and Writhe duo)

Now that I was having a concealer crisis recently as my all time favourite Dermablend concealer finished :( I was desperately trying to look for a new match!

My next option had to be Mac Studio Finish Concealer. Firstly it was really difficult to find a good match for my skin tone. I have moderate brown dark circles on a yellowy-beige complexion. NC's were too yellow for me and NW's were too pink for me. They both looked like obvious attempts to cover something hideous underneath. I could not find anything that was a mix of beige/peach!

The MA's were hopeless *seriously pissed*. Besides the colors not matching my skintone problem, the studio finish was terrible in consistency for my dry skin. It immediately sets into creases, exaggerates fine lines and creases like hell!

Also it might be great for covering blemishes or scars but its a big no-no for the undereye area due to its super dry texture. Even the MA mixed it with an eye cream first before applying it. Why not just make it of a creamier consistency instead?

Being hugely disappointed by MAC and not being a huge fan of Benefit concealers too, I stumbled accross the Bobbi Brown counter and decided to give their correctors a try.


- The MA's were super helpful trying to 'diagnose' colors for my skintone
- I found the pefect beigy-peachy concealer for my skin tone in the first go! 
- Its uber creamy and pigmented yet opaque
- It gives a gorgeous light reflecting luminous finish and adapts color according to my skin tone, as in reality the color is much lighter than my skin color and I would never pick this on my own.
- It does crease a bit and needs retouching but then which concealer doesnt?
- Lesson learnt - try other brands and trust Bobbi Brown MA's

All the above = am a happy bunny :D

Refering to the pics above - I like wearing this concealer on its own too but its far to glowy for that and I am not a big fan of 'wet' looking concealers.  I either set it with Mac studio fix powder which mattifies it but then it does crease a bit!

What I best like to do is to set it with the highlighting powder from the Illamasqua Glint and Writh bronzing duo. I may sound wierd but it does work as the powder is light enough not to get into fine lines hence prevents creasing and provides just the right amout of glow there - perfect!

Has anyone had the same problem with Mac studio finish concealer? If it worked for you - am jealous! 


In and Out - November

There are just so many In's and Out's posts these days that I was tempted to do one too teehee =)

Here we go!


Creamy Concealers - gone are the days of heavy coverage concealers and that cakeyness seeping into fine lines (yikes :s). Illuminate and brighten is the key for this season, as the reflecting properties distract the attention away from those dark circles. Dry and heavy coverage concealers get into fine lines and attract more attention. I know illuminating concealers dont cover much, but flaunt what you got gurlies! For concealers, buh bye Mac and Hello Bobbi Brown (review following soon)

Color on the lips
- I cant believe all those years I have sported a complete makeup look totally skipping out the lip bit as I always thought it did not suit me! But now that I have discovered my new obsession of Lip pencils/Liners, I use a natural color all over the lips and it gives me a nice matte finish with a hint of color. Favourites amongst these are No. 7 lipliners as they are truely hydrating.

Winter?! - I cant believe I am saying this but I guess its coz of the stylish long boots, those amazing wolly scarves, the big coats to hide under - no matter what shape or size lol and not to forget Starbucks Mocha =)


Exams - I totally despise having mid term exams in January! I mean why cant we have yearly exams only in the summer?! Its so depressing to dig into books during these short winter days and not being able to enjoy every single day of the christmas sale :(

Mac 239 - This one's a shocker I know, but I havent been reaching for this brush at all since I have got my Ruby and Mille eyeshadow brush. Its a flat tapered brush, kinda scratchy too but totally efficient as it picks up a lot of color and easily reaches into the corners of the eyes unlike the 239. The 239 for some reason just seems of a wierd square shape to me now and does not even pick up as much color as the Ruby and Millie one. Why was it so overrated again?

Powder blushers - I am sure I will develop my love for them again but for now I just find them too cakey, over pigmented and hard to handle! They seem so fake sometimes making it obvious that I am wearing blush. I seem to prefer cream blushes these days as they are easier to control, you only need a bit and it lasts the whole day giving a nice radiant flush which is rather flattering :) Sebastian Trucco and Stila Convertible Color are my favourites for now.

what are your in and out's this month?


Mac Studio Tech foundation - Truely tech ;)

So I’ve had a little foundation crises due to huge delays in post (arrghh!) and hence had to buy a foundation asap! I went to Mac and the MA suggested Studio Tech for full coverage.

I’ve not been a huge fan of Mac Foundations as I have tried Mineralize Satinfinish foundation in the past and have ended up looking like a disco ball. So I decided not to lean towards liquid foundation this time and get something cream based.

The amazing stuff

I don’t know why so many people hate or stay away from Studio Tech coz this stuff is actually awesome! Mac’s bestest(!) foundation till date I would have to say. I have normal/dry skin so this did not break me out like many other Mac foundations do.

It is super full coverage and effectively covers every blemish/discoloration on your skin without the need of a concealer (You would need concealer for your undereyes ofcourse). It is quite thick in its formulation however what I believe is the difference lies in how you apply it.

I apply it with a flexible foundation brush from M & S autograph range and due to its flexibility the foundation is applied very lightly on the skin.

I found that you could build the coverage gradually w/o it looking cakey. In fact due to its cream formulation it’s the easiest foundation to apply as it glides on uber smooth. This could have a potential downside as the cream can slide of your skin if proper base is not used. Surprisingly it even feels very light and seems to melt into my skin.

It does not exaggerate pores or fine lines and would be amazing for people with dry to normal skin. Also the color range in this foundation is brilliant! I found NC32 to be my exact match :D

The ‘not so amazing’ stuff

The foundation gives a gorgeous dewy luminous effect, somewhat semi-matte - which actually needs quite a lot of powder on top to be mattified (Is that good or bad?). What I did not like about the foundation was that it does not have incredible staying power if not finished with powder on top. Also it can end up making your t-zone look slightly shiny after a few hours – hence powder touch-ups required!

Moreover, the product is only 10 grams for a whopping £22! This could be a possible downside coz mine already seems to have hit pan in a month :S Liquid and mineral powder foundations do last much longer.

Overall – 4 on 5! – for effectiveness, full coverage and perfect color match :D

Would surely repurchase if I wasn’t a student :p


NOTD: Eyeko Nail Polishes - Gorgeous ♥

New Eyeko Nail Polishes! Stunning vibrant funky colors for that uber chic look =)

Plus whats freaking awesome is that these babies retail for £3 each for 8.5 ml! :D Also the packaging is so adorable I have to say.

I would never spend money on buying polishes but I mean they are dirt cheap for the price gurlies! If you are a nail freak or a starter, do try these out for sure!

Pardon my untidy polish application please

There are 6 colors in this uber cute range from Eyeko namely,

- Nude Polish (peachy/pinky nude)
- Purple Polish (a true majenta color)
- Indigo Polish (a true indigo blue with shimmer)
- Cosmic Polish (a true dark black with shimmer)
- Lilac Polish (a lovely creamy cool lilac)
- Vintage Polish (the prettiest mint green ever!)

The texture and consistency is semi matte and very creamy. It is quite pigmented but I noticed it needed two coats or more for that perfect manicure finish. It is pretty much chip resistant and lasts a long time if you finish it off with a top coat ladies.

As for the colors, my personal favourites are nude, vintage and lilac. I adore these babies as I always wanted such colors from Mac but could never really get to spending so much on nail paints :S So this is a lovely cheaper alternative =D

The three dark colors are uber funky too and particularly suitable for evenings and night outs I suppose. Cosmic polish and Indigo both have glitters in them, not chuky though, more like shimmer particles which make them look perfect for clubbing and parties! The cosmic polish is a true black with shimmers and looks gorgeous on. I Love the cosmic one out of this darker lot.

Overall, 4/5! There's something for everyone gurlies in this range so defo check it out! Plus you cant go wrong with £3 eh...

Get it here - http://www.eyeko.com/product_info.php?products_id=74


FOTD/EOTD - *Cream blush + Mac's Texture* Rave

Mac's Jest paired with texture in the crease
I love Mac's Blacktrack Fluidline! It makes my eyes pop :)
Sebastian Trucco Blush Creme 'Desert Rose'

This is not exactly an EOTD guys but just wanted to rave about some products that I am loving right now!

The first one is Mac's Eyeshadow in Texture. As I mentioned in a previous post that it is the perfect crease color for all skintones. Thus I paired it up in the crease with Mac's Jest as the main lid color. The unique thing about texture is that it adapts itself to any eyeshadow color it is paired with. Thus in the above pink it just looks like a soft brown, whereas if used in a smokey eye it appears to be a deep orangey brown.

Despite being such a pigmented color it blends so well and creates that dimension without much effort. As you can see it looks quite natural in the crease. Definately get this one for your collection ladies!

The other thing that I have been wearing religiously these days is Sebastian Trucco's Blush Creme in Desert Rose. As you can see in the picture it looks a very bright fuschia in the pan but dont be scared of such colors ladies as you can play it up or down easily! Its a blush duo and comes with a lighter pink color which has illuminating properties and hence can be mixed with the brighter color or be used as a highligher.

It very much resembles the Nars Copacabana Multiple Stick. I am wearing a mix of both these colors in the pic above and to me it gives a lovely radiant effect/glow as compared to powder blushes. It even stays on the whole day and looks just as pretty! Best used with a Mac 116 or 187 brush. Try cream blushes gurlies if you havent yet!

Do you recommend any cream blushes which are musthaves?


Fake MAC! Got conned...again :S

Left = Original, Right = FAKE!

Now that I succumb to buying 100% of my makeup from ebay, it occurs almost 80 percent of the time that I come accross fake Mac products And no matter how witty and alert I think I might be, the truth is that most of the times even I cant spot one :(

By now I know how to spot fake Mac brushes, eyeshadows and pigments coz thats the extent to which fake Mac is made and sold till now. However, this was the first time I encountered a fake Mac foundation, namely our most loved, Studio Fix Powder! How happy I was finding a £8 bargain on this product on ebay untill I discovered that its a very poor gimmick.

The picure on the ebay listing did not give it away as it only showed the top part of the product as seen in the first pic which almost looks identical. However when it arrived, it was substantially smaller than the actual product in size. The bottom of the product is very different too & says M150 instead of NC30 for some very bizarre reason. I mean atleast do your research guys before manufacturing such gimmicks! Once opened, the product had some very cheapy pink talcum powder pressed in the pan which confirmed my doubt as to its authenticity.

Yes I have received fake Mac brushes from ebay in the past but have compromised with it as the quality aint that bad (I know, how lame of me! lol) but 'pink powder' is just the limit! Due to ebay's amazing buyer protection policies, I got an instant refund Thank God!

Overall, lesson learnt! Not buying any more Mac from ebay.(Well atleast not foundations :p)
Have you ever been conned for Mac?


My Spring it? Epicare? - Easy peasy hair remover!

This may look like a bizarre device to some of you's but this wierd looking cotton bud/Q-tip like thing is actually very handy and efficient for facial hair removal! I have heard makeup gurus like pursebuzz and bubzbeauty talk about this product and thats about it. I wonder why it did not get any more popular?!

Basically this product has two pink handles and in between is a tightly coiled spring. What you have to do is basically bend it to make a U shape and rotate the handles to and fro whilst pressing the devise against the skin. What this repeated action will do is pull the hair out of the root and give you a peach fuzz free face. It can be used for upperlip, cheeks and chin. What I found is that it simply simulates the action of threading but in an easier manner.

Now according to my research this device does not have one name, its either called 'my spring it' or 'epicare'. It is sold under these two retailers under different websites for under approx £10. However I just wanted to experiment with the product and hence opted for a cheaper gimmick from ebay for under £3!!! This gimmick however looks very similar to the 'my spring it' version and its just a spring at the end of the day so whatever!

I have been trying this product since a week now and so far so good! It does remove the tiniest of hair that threading or tweezing would not remove. On the pain scale, I find it a bit less painfull than threading. The best thing about this is the ease of use, I mean you dont even need a mirror to do this and it removes hair in minutes :D You can use it as often as you want but every 3 days should be enough. I am loving this thing right now as it seriously reduces the hassle of constant hair removal and its so handy that you can keep it in your bag where ever you go! Also tweezing upperlips will give you that nasty shadow so use this gurlies as it wont :)

Overall - 5/5 - Excellent!

Ebay Seller I bought from - jut1983

Watch a demo of this here - myspringit.com (for US) or facialhairremover.co.uk (for UK)
p.s. A hearltfelt YAYYYY for 300 followers :D fankew lovelies! you gurls rock ♥


Inglot EOTD - Autumn Smokey Eyes

Now that I am totally in ♥ Love ♥ with the Inglot palette I got, I thought I should make my love for it public, and let you guys know that It can act as a posibble substitute for MAC (especially in credit crunch times :S) what better than an EOTD to demonstrate that =D

Products Used:

* I think UDPP should be implied by now! :p

* A mix of the first two light colors (starting from L-R) in the palette used as an overall base color for the lids

* The third brownish color used in the outer v and blended inwards

* A mix of the last two dark colors, i.e. charcoal and purple, applied in the crease with a stiff pencil brush stopping halfway

*The crease colors then blended with a blender brush (Mac 217 or 224) upwards in circular motions and to and fro.

*The lightest color used as a highlight on the browbone and slightly in the inner corners

*The charcoal color used to line the lower lashline with a thin pencil brush stopping halfway

* Finished off with Maybelline Full and Soft Mascara (Lovely for natural flirty lashes)

Hope I created more Inglot fans! I really liked the look for a neutral day time smokey eye! Especially for the autumn! I know some of you's might disagree about the 'autumn' part but seriously guys I can't see the winter coming lol. Its only leaves everywhere :-p