Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer

There are hardly any products (besides my daily foundation) that i would really really want to buy again, and this is one of the few that i definately repurchase!! I just hit pan on this so very often :S

I bought this in a gwp size from ebay whilst on a hunt for bronzers just to give it a try. its an amazingly perfect color for asian skintones, ranging from nc30 to nc40. It wouldnt show up on very dark skin tones I suppose. it works as a contour for nose and cheeks coz thats what i use it mainly for.

However recently I have been using it as a blusher and it is not dark at all and makes an elegant blush too. its a really flattering soft matte brown and not orangey at all! very smooth in texture and has good staying power. well thats what you would expect when you purchase an estee lauder ;) you can grab this in a gwp size at ebay from under a fiver! (the one shown in the picture is a full sized item)

NARS Blush Oasis

soo this is my first NARS blush! after all the raving about its blushes on youtube, I finally decided to get one for myself and was pleasantly surprised :)

So i went to the counter to actually pick up a peachy blush as i was sick of pink blushes. i had heard a lot of things about torrid being awesome, and was going to get that. however when i swatched torrid on my hand, it came out to be a very heavy peachy pink color which actually made me look sick :S no matter how lightly i tried it, it just wasnt the peach i was looking for :( but i didnt wana go away disappointed so i thought of looking for another blush wen dis baby caught my eye! all the other blushers looked very bright for my liking and orgasm was plain golden glitter!! It did not even show up on me :(

This has the most unique color ever and contained a tonne of glitter but i still got it coz it looked uber gorgeous in the pan. the MA on the counter was useless but wen i applied it lightly this was stunning :D I am a NC30 and this came out as a bricky reddish brown color with deep peach undertones on me and a whole lot of finely milled gold glitter. but the best thing about this it that if applied with the 187 or 116 it comes out very sheer. also, if u despise glitter, juz flick the brush once before applying it. the glitter just melted in my skin leaving a luminous glow, so it didnt really bother me!

it is very fine glitter, not chunks so its workable i guess. it is kinda pricey for £18.50 but totally worth it as will last aaages! also it stays put the whole day. so overall i wud give this a 5 on 5!