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Friday, 29 August 2014

My Little Box - by My Little Paris

Coming to the UK soon, My Little Box is your edgier monthly box option, branching out to fashion and lifestyle goodies besides your usual beauty bits. I have to say I didn't care much about it but when it arrived, the surprise element of digging out cute, unexpected stuff from playing cards, pastel scarves to bracelets was quite fun. They really don't scrimp by adding in samples of any sorts as all products I have seen in the boxes have been ones that would actually sell, or be travel sized at least. No samples, hah! The box has a strong cute and chic Parisian vibe going on with the prints and textures being so modern and refreshing. It's quite obvious that someone's put so much effort into sourcing uber adorable goodies that you'd actually like to wear. I've kept the playing cards, bracelet and exfoliator aside for my trip to Mykonos in October. They just screamed 'holiday' to me immediately. As for the L'Occitane cream, it's seriously so delicious to apply. The lip balm comes in the cutest of applicators and smells lush, much like vanilla. 

Do check them out at

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Claudia Louch Protective Jojoba Day Moisturizer

If you've been scrolling through my blog since a while, you may know that I'm picky when it comes to face moisturisers. My skin is pure and utter confusion. Or it could be that I simply haven't figured it out till date. And when I finally do, it decides to change. Long story short, my moisturiser choices tend to be all over the place and basically like a lucky dip. It may work wonders or wreck havoc, all I can do is to wait and watch. This gorgeous beaut of a product by Harvey Street skin specialist Claudia Louch has managed to do the former. Containing rich ingredients like avocado, jojoba, grape seed and shea butter, I am actually quite surprised it didn't result in even a minute breakout in my skin. Although modern, non pore blocking ingredients, they are extremely rich in nature which makes me extremely happy to be able to use a moisturiser with hydrating benefits, without it resulting in teenage hormonal skin. Not a good look you see. 

It could be due to the fact the formula is 94% natural, free from chemical laden nastiness and has jojoba oil as it's hero product which is a saviour for us confused skin gals. It's anti-inflammatory and helps control excess oil production meaning clearer skin. Come winter, I can see myself slap it on daily without fail as it's so nourishing on the skin and comforting for those agitated skin days. Retailing at £52.50, the sleek black bottle houses a tonne of product that can actually last one a good few months considering you need a teeny bit at a time. Paired with a balm cleaner, an acidic exfoliator, a face oil and a collagen packed eye cream, your winter skincare needs are sorted. You can thank me later pal!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Love Me Beauty August Edition

This month's Love Me Beauty Box wasn't the most impressive of the lot I've received from the brand but nonetheless, it has some lovely things that quickly become a favourite. It just goes to show that sometimes the number of products stuffed into a beauty box don't matter, if they have been done so correctly. Starting from my favourite, the a la carte brow ink. I have used this before and loved it but it was one of the products that I never got around to repurchase. This time around, I've got a different shade than before however that's not deterred me from sketching it onto my brows. It's lush, easy to use and slides in between brow hairs like a dream. It's got a flexible yet sturdy nib and it's just overall wonderful. 

The Mirabella Lip Lustre Liner in Bashful is also quite refreshing. It's the first shimmery lip liner I've come across and it's quite cool to fill onto the entire lip. I wouldn't use it solely as a liner but for filling in the lip needs to make your pout look full, this works great. Plus it's pink and shimmery, full marks for that. Then we have an Oriflame ecollagen wrinkle correcting eye cream. It comes with a rollerball applicator and anything that's going to help with lymphatic drainage around the eyes, make me look less zombie like and cool and sooth the area, I'm going to slather on regardless. This one has an extremely thin formula, seeps into the skin well and is perfect for those in their twenties for a quick anti-ageing fix. 

We then have the marsk mineral eyeshadow in 'you're toast'. These 100% natural, mineral formulas are cruelty free and perfect to use wet or dry. I use it wet when I want to amp up the oomph factor. The warm, rich shade is easy to wear and perfect for the coming season. Autumn come soon!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

GIVEAWAY: Vanilla Paris £100 Voucher for a Leather Handbag!

Want to win yourself £100 voucher to spend on leather handbags? Yes please! I would any day love to splurge on arm candy that is similar to that sported by celebrities. And there's no one better than Vanilla Paris to get these designer like bags for less. I absolutely love their selection of handbags and they have been a celebrity favourite since years. They have a boutique in Chelsea for those who are a usual in the area but if it's inaccessible to you, their website is pretty much a replica of the selection available in store.

They have recently updated their stock in time for Autumn/Winter 2014 and I'm so excited! I mean of course Summer ended too soon but the thought of flaunting those deep, rich and lush coloured leather handbags for the colder months is enough to make me await September. Those rich monochromes, muted neutrals, pronounced textures, lush reds and mysterious shades of khakis make me want to go hunting for a Winter coat right now! 

Their New Tara leather handbags are gorgeous. Named after socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson who's a regular at Vanilla Paris boutique in Chelsea, it's dedicated to her passion for this particular arm candy. It's also her favourite to travel with. Another new addition to their range is the Bella leather handbag, which is right up my street. Sturdy, professional, chic and with a hint of gold to finish off the look. I have my eyes glued to this soft grey number which would look great with an all white or black outfit. 

If I have allured you enough to buy one of their handbags, no more keeping it on your wishlist for long. They are currently running a Giveaway on Facebook where on reaching 6000 likes, 1 lucky winner will win a whopping £100 voucher to spend in store. Who knows, it could be me, or you! For a chance to have your Autumn/Winter arm candy sorted, like them on Facebook and share their Giveaway status. The faster they reach 6000 likes, the quicker a winner will be announced.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Heyland & Whittle Handwash, Body Lotion & Candle

Heyland & Whittle is a quintessentially British brand which was established in 2003. The brand is all about being natural, chemical free, hand made yet deliciously smelling!  After trying out a few products from their range, I have to say they do all of that quite well.

First off, I am not a huge fan of Hand Washes. I am sure I am not alone as a majority of you wouldn't care less what hand wash lies on your washroom sink. I guess I always felt like that as the usual drugstore ones were so uninspiring and well...overtly soapy! This particular one has got everything spot on. The Rose and Neroli Handwash from their range is a dream to use. The packaging is clear and glossy, the handwash is beautiful in it's warm yet elegant colour and the scent is subtle yet long lasting. I seriously haven't been more fond of a handwash ever before. It almost feels like a lush hotel in my bathroom now. 

The Green Tea and Grapefruit Body Lotion is what resides next the handwash in my bathroom and smells absolutely delightful. It's clean and fresh with hint of fruity notes to it. Again, the pistachio coloured cream just adds to the overall decadence and simplicity of the packaging and makes it appear spa like. The lotion itself is very watery and light weight, with a quick absorbing formula and perfect to replenish moisture lost throughout the day. With no hints of sticky residue, it's perfect for Summer and Autumn when you don't want to use extremely hydrating products. 

As for the Jasmine & Lilac Candle, I believe it's from their classic collection. Again, simplistically packaged, it goes beautifully with an all-white home decor to add a soft hint of colour. The scent is crisp, slightly smoky and diffuses into a light floral scent. If you're not a fan of highly scented candles like myself, this is a good one to have in your living room or diner for a clean yet comforting atmosphere. regardless of the season.

A little ramble on Nail Dryers

Not a typical topic to write about on this blog but today I shall be rambling on a little about Nail Dryers. Why oh why do we not have these convenient devices at home? It just makes salon manicures and pedicures so much more quicker and efficient. One of the main reasons I despise doing my nails at home is the amount of time it takes for nail paint to dry, let alone if I attempt to do acrylic or gel nails at home, which seriously would be a big mess without these life saving gadgets. 

Not a new invention at all, it's just something I wish every salon would have (yes I've been to a few where they would finish off with a top coat and cross their fingers so it doesn't smudge) and perhaps even a few households where nail bloggers reside. These nail dryers take a minute or two per hand to dry and set a manicure and perhaps a minute or two more if you've opted for acrylic or gel nails. Are the UVA rays in these harmful? -  is something I came across a lot whilst reading on them. Apparently the amount of UVA light, between 3 to 10 watts emitted by these nail dryers are not of enough concern compared to that of 2400 watts for instance in a tanning bed. *gulps* 

If you want to be super cautious, invest in a water resistant SPF for the hands and apply in an hour before your manicure if you will. 

I love the fact that these nail dryers available these days are light-weight, energy saving and easily portable. Plus the ones I have my eyes on are heart shaped and pink! I mean seriously, those two points have sealed the deal for me. I also quite like the look of this finger nail dryer which has a smaller slot than usual to dry individual nails. I guess that would be perfect for detailed and intricate mani's that have a lot of time and effort put into them and require individual drying time. 

Do you have a Nail Dryer at home? Would you invest in one? I am tempted after my last few nail salon visits. With tonnes of new nail paint releases this season, I am slowly but steadily getting into the routine of switching up my nail colour every few days. 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Weleda Travel Essentials

Weleda's skin food is till date my best skincare discovery. I freaking love the brand to bits! It's frills free, does not distract consumers with fancy packaging and delivers spot-on. I seriously thought I couldn't love the brand more until I came across their teeny tiny travel products. Lets just admit that Summer months are purely reserved for festival frolicking, beach lounging and planning three holidays, whilst pretending to pay attention at work. The last thing I want amidst over packing shoes and dresses is to fit in those large tubes of skin and bodycare for a getaway, so meh! These cute little additions are just perfect to pop into your luggage, making them perfect to take care of your skincare needs for a good 3 to 5 days. I particularly love the Sage Deodorant, for those of you who aren't a fan of the chemical laden sprays out there. The body wash and the body lotion, both smell extremely delicious, immediately making me look up into their full sized alternatives for stocking in my bathroom. Whereas the anti-cellulite and relaxing oil are great pick-me-up's to use during a massage on your getaway or for some pampering after a relaxing evening bath or even better, a dip in the pool! Get your hands on them globetrotters.

After booking a trip to Mykonos yesterday, these handy little gems will be shoved into the travel skincare bag very soon. October come soon!