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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Mild Scalp Psoriasis and Dry Scalp Tips

Summer can mean the delicate scalp area can go through a lot of drying and dehydration. All those hours of being out in the sun, unprotected sans a hat or a cap, without a scalp SPF can trigger the scalp to become extremely dry. Sometimes this can result in dry patches, redness, tendency to itch quite often, dandruff and mild Psoriasis. 

Psoriasis, if you are unaware, is a condition of the body where it tends to product more skin cells than actually needed. This is what causes a build up of dead skin cells on the scalp, which can lead to chapped, flaky skin, mild hair loss and just general discomfort. Although the sun has no direct connection to triggering Psoriasis, our bodies are quite unique and it's really difficult to tell how it will react to certain extreme weather conditions such as the heatwave we have in UK recently. The humidity and lack of moisture in the air can worsen such scalp conditions by adding more greasiness to the mess. 

What you can firstly do is to invest in scalp SPF. However excessive it may sound, in addition to face and body sunscreen, the extremely fragile scalp area needs protection from the harmful sun rays too especially when it's the first area on our bodies to be exposed by the sunlight. Non-greasy, water-resistant formulas these days can make sure we make no excuses when it comes to hair styling whilst donning scalp sunscreen. Simply massage a thin layer before heading out in daylight and half of the scalp conditions will simply not be triggered at all!

Secondly, incorporate a bit of salicylic acid in your haircare regime. Most people mistake haircare for only taking care of the split ends whereas the actual process of growing healthy, luscious locks starts right from the scalp. It's important to work towards keeping your roots healthy and the rest will fall into place itself. A dry scalp and mild psoriasis can actually be helped with a topical exfoliant that will help unclog the scalp, slough of dead skin cells and allow healthy hair growth. 

As for itching and mild dandruff, steering clear of shampoos and conditioners with a lot of chemicals and soap is a must to control the scalp condition. Resorting to E45 or Neutrogena T Gel Shampoos or something more natural, hydrating and organic will be your best bet for a sensitive scalp that needs just the right amount of exfoliation and moisture. Although finding a good hair salon is difficult, if you do come across one you like, indulge in regular hair cuts to take some weight off your scalp and prevent mild hair loss and breakage. Hair salons are also a great place to indulge in a hair steam and mask once a month to detoxify the tresses and unclog the scalp.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Summer Must-Have: Givenchy Miniatures Collection

I am not sure about you but whenever Summer strikes, my perfume likings hike and I feel I want to own every single one I come across in every departmental store. Not a very kind thought for my wallet though is it? Especially when brands like Givenchy do some fabulous scents that you simply cannot resist. Comes in, Givenchy Miniatures Collection with a travel sized version of their best selling scents cobbled together neatly in a set. Of course it would make a fabulous gift for a perfume collector or even a lovely bridesmaid present as the peak wedding season is here but personally, I'd say savour it all for yourself! 

A great way for a scent rookie to try out a whopping five from a designer brand like Givenchy without having to fork out much at all. It's a fabulous way to decide which one you'd want to invest in as your signature perfume for Summer. I quite like the way the gift set comes packaged quite beautifully. If I were to give it as a present, it wouldn't need any gift wrapping at all. Always a plus point for lazy peeps like me who would rather want to rely on great packaging. For £23.50, Givenchy Miniatures Collection by Click Fragrance is good value for money as it appears substantial and worth every penny spent. 

The miniature perfume bottles are absolutely adorable and look uber cute. They are made well and don't look tacky like other miniature perfume bottles I've come across from other brands. In particular, I am impressed with the bottles of Eau Demoiselle Eau Florale and Dahlia Noir which are cute enough to melt any shopaholic's heart. These can be a collectors item as I definitely do not plan to get rid of them once I've done using them. 

Also, co-incidentally, Eau Demoiselle Eau Florale and Dahlia Noir are also my favourite of the lot when it comes to the scent itself. Dahlia Noir is grown up, smoky, mysterious and elegant. Whereas Eau Demoiselle Eau Florale is a complete contrast with it being subtle, floral, lightly sweet and ladylike. Dahlia Noir is something I would reserve for the evenings quite easily and the other is perfect to dab on generously during daytime for something chic and light. 

Very Irresistible and it's Electric Rose version are great as well with both being perky, fresh, energetic and upbeat with hardly much variation between the notes in my opinion. Perfect if you like fun and refreshing scents for Summer which are easy to like and wear. Ange Ou Demon Le Secret is floral, woody and warm, quite a unique one from the lot with hints of lemon and tea shot through it. I feel I'm going to love this one come Autumn. 

Overall, Givenchy Miniatures Collection is great value for money, every fragrance lovers delight and most importantly, something any one would love to receive as a present. 

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Top Models of 2014 Who Rock The Social Media

Celebrities and Social Media go hand in hand these days, with each complementing the other quite amazingly. There have been quite a few instances when a particular celebrity has posted something on tumblr and hiked the platforms popularity by leaps and bounds. And there have been those occasions when a handful of celebrities have found fame due to certain social media platforms. Hence it’s an interesting relationship between the two. Few weeks ago, UKModels published an infographic about top models in social media and having worked in social media for a few years now, I personally found it quite interesting.

Of course it helps that I am also obsessed with the models, making the information all the more interesting. Tyra Banks seems to top the list with more than 6 million Facebook fan following and a whopping 11.3 million Twitter followers. With her uber popular show America’s Next Top Model coming back for a runin August, it’s not surprising that the supermodel diva has such a huge online following and is leading the pack. Her twitter is really interesting as unlike many Hollywood celebs, it doesn’t seem run by a PR intern but rather typed straight from her phone. With no-makeupselfies to inspiring quotes, the lady is every bit of fun to follow.

Adriana Lima is second on the list according to UKModels with an impressive 5.4 million Facebook fans and it’s no surprise considering the Brazilian beauty has been in the glamour world since almost a decade now and has been working with huge brands such as Victoria’s Secret and Maybelline. Her short, realistic tweets (mostly in Portuguese), posting promotional videos for unreleased campaigns and high fashion shots are quite a hit on both Facebook and Twitter amidst fans.

Their research also found Heidi Klum to be one of the models dominating social media platforms and why wouldn’t she? At 41, the blonde beauty is what every mom inspires to look like at that age. A popular television host and established model, it’s fun to have a peek into the supermodels life as she posts magazine covers of her from the past, holiday photos with her children and images of her svelte figure giving fans the much needed fitness inspiration.

Next in the line is model Gisele Bundchen, recently in the news for her day wage of £75,000 revealed, not shocking us at all to find out her 1.8M twitter followers and more than 4 million Facebook fans. On the whole, the list found by UKModels is quite predictable seeing the popularity and fame of these models amidst their loyal fan following.

Social Media has become quite a handy tool when it comes to keeping a close eye on the lives of these celebrities, especially if you aspire to become a model someday in the future. Unlike scripted reality television and PR written interviews, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook provide an uncut version of these models lives which was never possible before. Updated by them, it’s almost like a direct connection between them and the fans and something that should grow with time as the years pass by.

Heel Chemistry Heel Hydration Complex

With building work going on at my home since the last few weeks, all that dusty floors, dry air and grubby floors have had a toll on my feet. They feel extremely dehydrated, chapped, flaky and lack-lustre. The problem is that it's Summer now which equals sandals, boots and flats exposing more bare skin. 

I personally cannot be bothered to research in and invest into foot creams. They are least glamorous to buy on my shopping list and there's simply nothing that got me interested in them. Unless of course, there came out Heel Chemistry. From the makers of Hand Chemistry, the anti-ageing, superbly hydrating hand cream that we all went gaga over, this beaut has just been released at the perfect time so we all can enjoy party perfect feet in those skin baring, strappy gladiators or even flip flops at the beach. 

I believe the formula of this is pretty much the same as Hand Chemistry, just marketed a little differently for use on the feet. Scientific part aside, the formula for me is simply super effective, almost a guaranteed skincare gem to fall back on when you want to treat the flakiest of feet. It fills in lines, replenishes moisture, gets rid of chapped bits (with the help of an exfoliator) and coats feet in a veil of nourishment and protection for hours. 

It also helps a bit with plumping the skin on the feet for those obsessed with anti-ageing and smooth skin. Slap on lightly during the day and strut around in cotton socks to preserve the moisture and prevent disturbing the process. Or like me, coat a generous layer on at night time and let it work it's magic whilst you snooze. 

Friday, 18 July 2014

Sponsored Video: Benefit They're Real! Push Up Liner

After the success of Benefit's They're Real Mascara, which by the way I tried and have LOVED, comes their latest addition to their ever increasing range, a sister product namely Push Up Liner. Promising to make drawing a cat eye appear like a piece of cake, it's lash hugging aspect has already made it a huge success amidst bloggers. 

After scanning through a tonne of images of cat eyes created with this advanced lining product, I have to say it seems like the best invention I've come across after sliced bread. Yes I know, there's your slanted tips and pointed precision brushes when it comes to professional brushes for eye liner, but I personally have never been able to master the cat eye with these make-up artist tools. 

Hence I like the idea of Benefit's Push Up Liner as it makes the entire process so much less daunting for the common customer who has five minutes to get the job done in the morning, between sipping some coffee and doing one's hair. Everything from the soft angled tip, the flat wide guard and the wide base works in sync to provide a stable application. 

Lashes are pushed aside by the structure of the liner so a closer application to the lash line is achieved. Maximum control is also one of it's best points and something we all seem to struggle when it comes to sketching a feline flick. I love the promotional video Benefit have created for this product. Their innovation isn't news but their ability to think outside the box and play with bold themes has impressed me once again. 

I adore the fact that they don't like playing safe when it comes to their videos and this one's no exception. The model choosing to touch up her liner whilst being taken to prison in a police car is so 'Orange is the new black' isn't it? Looking perfect for a mug shot - girls will be girls at the end of the day eh? 

*Post sponsored by Benefit. 

Organic Surge Awakening Body Wash

Can I just start by saying this smells out of this world delicious! It's a scent that when you open, expect to make a non seductive moaning sound. It's the perfect amalgamation of sweet, citrusy and warm scents, with the added hint of freshness shot through it. Containing a lot of gorgeous essential oils, the shower gel claims to banish fatigue and pick-you-up from the most sluggish of moments. It contains natural hydrating and calming elements as well, which round it up as a bit of a therapeutic kick needed in the shower when feeling blue. The gentle odour fighting ingredient helps keep skin feeling fresh and clean all day long, even through a heatwave that we seem to be having right now. The warm, spicy aroma instantly makes this click with men as well who don't seem to find this 'too girly'. On the whole, if you are looking for a natural, organic, kind to skin formula that doesn't irritate and is formed of simple ingredients - you need to try Organic Surge Body Washes. This one in particular is the zingy one from their latest Summer launches that surely deserves a try.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Glam Guide 101: Graduation Beauty Tips

Keep it simple with the brows. Many graduation pictures can look a nightmare with too scanty or overtly filled in brows. With so many beauty gurus and YouTube tutorials out there on how to achieve that perfect eye brow shape and colour, it can get a little daunting for students and most end up going overboard. Over plucked brows were never the trend in the first place and a sketched in brow is only going to make you appear dated in graduation pictures. 

You want it to look natural, groomed and timeless so you can look at the photos ten years later without cringing or shuddering! Tweezers are your best friend when it comes to a little DIY with brows. If you're not the most precise person when it comes to plucking, slanted tweezers can make life much more easier. Whatever the case, just get rid of excess growth and subtly shape the arch and the beginning of the brows to suit your face shape and bone structure. 

With camera flashes surrounding you the entire day, trying to make the most of the only day of your success celebrations, it's vital to keep make-up looking fresh and matte all day. It doesn't have to be cakey 
looking to appear matte. With foundation formulations and powder textures becoming sheer and almost invisible these days, it's all about finding a foundation with oil absorbing properties. 

Once that's done, all you'll need on the day is a powder and some travel sized makeup brushes to touch up. You don't  want to be taking your long handled professional tools in your handbag for graduation. All you'll need is a foldable mini make up brush set and it should take care of oil dabbing and liner fixing emergencies. 

Nails can be tricky to do for graduation and as much as you'd like to go bright and bold, the norm calls for it be subtle and chic. Having said that, it doesn't have to be invisible! I personally feel nail art can work wonders at making you look edgy, smart and glamorous. Opt for muted, neutral nail art decorations with rhinestones in gold, black, silver set neatly on a nude, matte base. 

I'm loving the latex finish nail paints that are cropping up everywhere these days. The contrast between them and the nail art decorations will finish off the look perfectly, striking the right balance between festive and chic.